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I Hate Christmas, as a Holiday

December 19, 2010 8 comments

I am sure that my profound dislike for Christmas, as a holiday, is shared by more than a few of you. There is little point in recounting the many reasons other people hate Christmas- you could always search for that on google.

These are the reasons I hate Christmas.

Relatives: OK, be Honest.. How many of you have relatives who are worth visiting or even hanging around? Moreover, in the age of cheap telephony, instant messaging, webcams, facebook, face time etc.. what is the point? Such traditions made sense in a more primitive society without widespread and cheap telecommunications or transport. But then again, sacrificing virgins also made sense in societies who believed that rainfall was controlled by vengeful and petty gods.

Forced Behavior: Who likes Christmas parties, Christmas movies, malls filled with screaming brats, delayed flights, crowded airports and all that shit. Who likes stupid and worthless family traditions? Who likes closed shops and restaurants on Christmas Day? Who likes all of this forced stress, disappointment and bullshit… and all of this to celebrate the end of winter solstice?? What about all that kitschy Christmas themed crap?

and what is up with the forced and meaningless gift giving? If you wanted to give a gift, why wait for Christmas?

Wrong Time of the Year: I would be more enthusiastic if Christmas was in March or April. But why celebrate something at the shittiest time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere? It is cold, dark, miserable in December. A Christmas in late March or early April would be desirable, as peoples moods are better in spring than in winter.

The Hypocrisy: What is this bullshit about Christmas Spirit? I mean.. seriously, what type of person decides that being a decent human being should be restricted to a few days in December?

On a side-note, do most people get the irony in celebrating the supposed birthday of a reform Jewish rabbi on the first day the sun appears to move ‘up’ after its December 21 horizon minima?


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