Pantyless Miley Cyrus Look Alike: Dec 25, 2010

This girl is a Russian pop singer, but she certainly resembles Miley Cyrus. I believe that the real deal would look very similar.. so here is the best doppelganger for a naked miley cyrus.

Found it here: Source

and the real dealMiley Cyrus Caught Going Commando


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21 Responses to Pantyless Miley Cyrus Look Alike: Dec 25, 2010

  1. Nestorius says:

    if we were to be realist, there is nothing to be seen between her legs. it looks as if there is nothing there.

  2. hoipolloi says:

    Great view of the heaven’s gate. Thanks for posting.

  3. Yoda says:

    The difference being, this impostor’s vagina is far less used up and looks pristine compared to what I imagine Miley’s would look like. (because she’s a skank)

  4. Dana Robey says:

    yea whatever miley is a slut we all know that is her

  5. hoipolloi says:

    Take it from a senior, life does not get any better than having the previlege to see the heavens door depicted like this.

  6. Indo Pride says:

    This is how Russians go about in public????!!!!!!

    According to Roissy they are so much more chaste, demure and feminine than Ameriskank Feminazis.

    What happened????

  7. sirrah says:

    genius! she does look just like Miley. However, I’m guessing that after Miley’s Hollywood orgy parties that her ‘po po’ looks more like tenderized beef…like someone used a meat cleaver on her lips. This girl however looks pure, pristine
    and ripe for the pickens. Entertainment value does not get any better than this.

  8. Bill Brasky says:

    that thing is good

  9. fubar says:

    What a bunch of fucking idiot women haters in this thread. How a girl looks downstairs has absolutely nothing to do with how many men she’s been with.

  10. fubar says:

    Why do you plead “Comments?” on this? It’s just a picture of a girl.

  11. Joe Mamma says:

    I want to lick & fuck the rest of her clothes off.

  12. B. says:

    just commenting so I can be notified of new posts via email

  13. jim says:

    but whooo actually is she

  14. Mike G says:

    I love the idiot said “looks like nothing” when its a perfectly CLEAN, short-haired, beautifully tight and TAUGHt pussy. When most girls 16-30 nowadays have the most disgusting slits Ive ever seen!!! And then these whore wonder why we dont go DOWN on them? LMAO. At least my dick doesnt get ripped apart over time LOL

    Whoever this girl is, YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW, it IS MILEY. They are saying its a russain popstar so that she doesnt have underage exposure. So yup, they will ahve paid some lookalike and create a few websites so they can cover it up! haha

  15. a person says:

    It is a photoshop, people.

    • hoipolloi says:

      Whether the picture is natural or photoshopped, the ingredients clicked. It is more than the sum of the parts. A thing to watch.

  16. Bobol says:

    Yes, having a closer look, the color of the pubic area and thigh differs too much.

    • hoipolloi says:

      It probably is photoshopped. It is difficult to shoot a picture in one shot like that. Regarding different colors of groin and thigh, many Russian chicks are like that. Check any of those porn sites.

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