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Is The Continued Existence of CONservatives Necessary or Desirable?

December 29, 2010 3 comments

The title of the post says it all-

Is The Continued Existence of CONservatives Necessary or Desirable?

The vast majority of social pathology is caused by CONservatives through their behaviors, actions and attitudes. While they contribute little, if anything, to the progress or betterment of humanity as a whole- they never miss a chance to preach, screw over, lie, cheat, abuse, imprison, play busybody and generally hinder others from living a humane existence.

While CONservatives are a significant minority, they are NOT the majority. They also tend to gravitate towards certain professions and livelihoods, and hence would be easy to identify.

CONservatives in human society are similar to Cancerous and Non-Cancerous Tumors in an organism. We do treat malignant and non-malignant tumors, inspite of the fact those cells are also part of the organism.

So why not treat the condition of CONservatives in a similar manner?


Exams Test For Memory and Rote Learning

December 29, 2010 4 comments

Though I never had any problems passing conventional exams, the rationale behind their existence is dubious.

The ultimate purpose of all exams is to test people for their ability to apply the material they learnt in real world-like situations. But are the vast majority of “exams” based in a world that is even remotely connected to real life?

While nobody wants a surgeon who is less that competent, or a pilot who has less than optimal training- we do not test the ability of either through conventional exams. In both cases there is a lengthy apprentice period and very considerable practical problem solving under somebody who has more experience.

However most conventional exams have neither, and are often entirely dependent on rote memorization. Even the so- called problem solving type exams used in some western countries have the same tenuous connection to reality as the mind-numbing rote memorization based ones in asia.

So, why are the vast majority of exams based on some form of memorization or rote learning?

Could it be related to the fact that most exams test for compliance and subservience, not ability or competence.

You might have noticed that the ability to do mindless memorization and rote learning is correlated with being a spineless and manipulatable loser. Even worse, systems that promote people based on such criteria end up with clever morons in leadership positions, leading to perpetual stagnation.

Maybe that is why the China of 500 BC (before the first emperor) was so similar to that of 1800 AD? The same can also be said of Japan, India and the Byzantine Civilization.


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