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How Indians Screw Themselves: Sexuality

January 2, 2011 16 comments

A recent article and some comments at prompted me to finish this draft. In this post, I shall attempt to explain the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of culturally mediated sexual dysfunction amongst Indians.. because face it, that is what it really is.

If you compare the attitudes, quality, availability and general satisfaction with sex amongst Indians to other countries- it sucks. Even war-ravaged SE Asian and African countries do far better.

The question is – WHY?

Indians used to do very well in that department for most of recorded history. Muslim invasions did little to change that and Victorians did not see Indians as sexually conservative.

So what went wrong?

The more appropriate question is- where did it go wrong? Let me explain. In my experience, poor people in India are not sexually repressed. The rich are somewhat repressed, but it is the middle-class who are truly screwed up.

Remember the vast majority of indians you will meet were either born in the middle-class, or were born to middle-class morons.

I have positive experiences and fond memories of my encounters with poor to barely middle-class indian girls. They were certainly not repressed, fat or uptight and were willing to please- even if money was not exchanged.

However my experiences with middle-class indians, or those born to middle-class indians, has been uniformly negative. These cunts embodied everything that is wrong with sex in India- from hangups, greed, lack of enthusiasm, rationing sex to entitlement syndromes. The middle-class also has the highest percentage of pedestalizers, greedy and controlling parents, pussy whipped ‘men’ and other ‘defenders of a womans virtue’.

The problems in India are due to an increase in the number of people entering the middle-class. Unfortunately, most of these people also adopt prevalent middle-class attitudes, behaviors and dysfunctions.

The indian middle-class has not reformed itself and is desperately clinging to an imaginary world that never existed. However the damage caused by such moronic behavior is real. Combine that with feminism, a corrupt and dysfunctional system, technological changes and zero-sum attitudes. The result is a toxic brew, which combines the worse features of both eastern and western systems.


Why Modern Democracies Have No Historical Equivalent

January 2, 2011 7 comments

It is fashionable in CONservative, LIEbertarian and similar circles to deride democracies as flawed and unstable. But these critiques are based on a LIE.

The false belief (lie) is that-

Modern democracies are equivalent to greek, roman or even any pre-ww2 western democracy.

NO! All pre ww-2 “democracies” restricted suffrage to pre-selected groups of people. They were all oligarchies, to varying degrees.

Only countries with adult universal suffrage AND regular accountable elections can be considered to be democracies.

PS: Nobody cares if the ‘founding fathers’ wanted a republic. What they “wanted” is both a matter of interpretation and their era.