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Todays Syndicated Rerun Post

January 8, 2011 2 comments

This post was originally published on Jan 13, 2010.

Self Shots, GPS Enabled Smartphones and Data Mining

The post was about using the geotagging feature of smartphones, such as the iOS and Android OS, to identify the location of nekkid self-shots taken by attention whores. This information along with publicly accessible databases and data mining could be used to ID and build up a life history of many women.


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A Idea About Older Posts

January 8, 2011 3 comments

As I am going through older posts on this blog to reconstruct a curated and polished version for my self-hosted blog on, an idea occurred to me.

Many posts from the earlier days of this blog were read by fewer people than would be read today. Some of these posts are very good and deserve a wider audience than they received in their first runs.

Therefore, I am going to start syndicated reruns of some posts by making them sticky. The idea is to have no more than 3 rerun post per week.


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Economic Impact of Reduction in Couple Formation

January 8, 2011 7 comments

Synergy is one of the most overused word. So let me repeat the original definition-

Synergy, in general, may be defined as two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently.

The two agents in this case are feminism and destruction of the middle class. In combination they have economic impacts that far exceed their individual effects. Let me explain..

Until women entered the workforce in large numbers in the 1970s, the income of a family unit was largely linked to male income. The entry of women in the workforce allowed employers to pay both men and women less, since it was commonly assumed that both members of the couple would work.

The impact of this change has hurt men in their 20s and 30s the hardest, for a number of reasons ranging from loss of blue-collar jobs to reduction in pay for white-collar jobs. At the same time feminism, hypergamy and anti-men laws have made younger men wary of marriage and kids- even if they can get the woman.

Now consider a few points-

1. Men or women who live by themselves (kids or no kids) have very different spending patterns and abilities from stable couples with or without children.

2. The median income for working adults in the US is about 22$/hr. We can safely assume that most people do not work over 40 hours per week even if they wanted to. That translates in 22 x 40 x 52 = approximately 46 k before taxes.

Remember that this is the median pre-tax income for working and fully-employed adults!

3. Considering the costs of living in N. America or Western Europe, the pre-tax equivalent of 46k barely keeps a single person in the traditional middle-class lifestyle IF you have no kids.

4. Only stable couples with individual incomes around the median can live a lifestyle that was traditionally considered to be solid middle-class. The other option is to go into heavy debt.

5. The ‘economy’ is dependent on growth caused by increase in the volume and per-capita amount of consumption. Any sustained reduction or stagnation of growth would start a severe deflationary spiral.

6. The last 3 decades of increased consumption was driven first by the mass entry of women in the workforce, then by increase in home equity and finally by non-payable debt. Those three factors have run their course.

7. Models of revenue collection are based on the assumption of most people marrying and having kids. Entire sections of the economy from real estate, housing related taxes, schools, universities, financial planning etc depend on it.

8. However the generation after the baby boomers, especially those born after the mid-1970s are not making the same income or choices as preceding generations. Moreover their numbers are smaller than the baby boomers.

9. As I have said before, the current economic model is a giant ponzi scheme that requires an every increasing supply of willing participants who can pay. However that assumption is no longer valid on both counts- numbers and ability to pay.

10. A reduction in traditional family formation due to a number of reasons from feminism (and its secondary effects) to economic considerations (student debt etc) will have a massive direct impact on large sectors of the economy which create jobs and tax revenue.

Far fewer people will need or be able to afford large houses, newer and bigger cars, schools, universities etc

11. The indirect psychological effects, ranging from pessimism, social fragmentation to withdrawal will also affect spending patterns and motivation to work hard.

We are already seeing the effect of prolonged economic deprivation of the younger generations in countries like japan, italy, spain etc..

In conclusion, the synergy of feminism and neo-liberal eCONomics has started a particularly nasty and hard to reverse economic death spiral. It is already too late to reverse it, and our best hope is that it will hit the end point quickly. Where we will go from there is anybodies guess..