The Cognitive Elite Are Fiction: 1

Terms such as “cognitive elite” are a feature of many CONservative and HBD-minded blogs. But does this term have any basis in reality? Many clever morons have created diverse definitions of that term, no doubt to obscure their stupidity and malfeasance. It is therefore worthwhile to understand when it is invoked.

The term is almost always used to defend rentierism and income-inequalities due to fraud, guilds and scams. It just another way of saying- “I stole from you.. neener neener neener”.

Let me ask you one question- How many of these so-called cognitive elite have actually created, discovered, developed something.. anything.. even an idea?

Face it, that term means one and only one thing- a clever shyster who regurgitates the works of “famous” dead men to justify his luck, birth privilege, fraud, scam or guild.


  1. January 11, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    It helps that a lot of those “famous” dead men are famous because they wrote things which supported the views of earlier cognitive elite, who then marketed and propagated those things. Imagine if Malthus had (more accurately) predicted huge technology-based rises in productivity, rises larger than population growth: Malthus who?

  2. almost 40 year old virgin
    January 12, 2011 at 10:04 am

    The only “cognitive elites” I´d exempt from this deserved gross generalization are found in computer sciences and mathematics, IMHO.

    About the only fields in our so called sciences that aren´t totally dependent on government grants, political ideologies or ivory tower politics.
    They can actually go out and make money with their ideas.

    • January 22, 2011 at 2:38 pm

      Computer sciences are uber-dependent on the idea of easily obtained energy (whether through oil, coal, solar, wind, etc.) Having the ability to transfer millions of dollars to your own account regardless of attendant firewalls/etc. will mean nothing if the equipment being used has been rendered obsolete by the “stay the course” mindset of our current cognitive elite.

      Mathematics, as well, means nothing if the mathematicians themselves have nothing to eat and their “discoveries” can’t be transformed into tangible results.

      My brainpower doesn’t equal that of (most) of the people who are taking up STEM jobs. However, I can grow my own food, set bones/locate joints, practice effective naturopathy/pharmacologics, win fights and pick up women/convince women to take a moment of their time to talk to my friends (in a world in which most women are looking for the big score, the ability to make a woman who’s wearing 4+ figures in clothes and accessories distract herself from her own self-importance to even consider the potential of mating/”hooking up” with a guy from a cornfield in Iowa is more powerful than you’d think.) Those STEM personnel will still need to eat/excrete/egest/etc. in a comfortable environment (our modern world, for example), yet (for the majority) their brainpower only allows them to live in their own cotton-swabbed world. They may have been able to solve Fermat’s Last Theorum or figured out a way to turn 0’s and 1’s into art and music, but they’ve (yet) to solve the solar energy-usable energy conundrum. Who’s more useful, the “cognitive elite” or the child who figured out a way to make a toy car run nigh-indefinitely on one solar panel (believe me, the majority of our STEM workers aren’t figuring out ways to change our world. They’re figuring out ways to keep their jobs while avoiding the creation of any gravy-train derailing damage, a la the Fermat Theorum solving.)

  3. January 12, 2011 at 10:00 pm

    Nassem Nicholas Taleb recently quipped that he suspects the only real reason IQ tests, other standardized cognitive tests, and school grades exist is to give “high IQ” individuals reasons to praise each other and essentially feel good about each other.

    I’m butchering the paraphrase, it’s from his recent book of aphorisms. The point’s taken, I assume..

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