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Pissing On Tiger Moms: Jan 19, 2011

January 19, 2011 1 comment

Let me use this post to piss on the concept of Tiger Moms. Others have rightly suggested that she should be arrested or treated like a child abuser.

The following gallery comes courtesy the efforts of others on meme-generator: Tiger Mom Click on thumbnails for full-size images.


How Indians Screw Themselves: Poor Self Image

January 19, 2011 18 comments

Continuing on my previous post in this series, this one will dwell on poor self-image as a component of self-inflicted misery. Almost any Indian will be happy to tell you that Indians are weak, corrupt and hypocritical drones.. or anything else that will make you feel better. For some odd reason they always exclude themselves from “those” people.

So, are Indians really weaker, more corrupt and hypocritical than other ethnic or racial groups? My answer is- NO. However Indians focus and obsess on the shortcomings of people who look like them.

Why do they do that? The short answer is treachery and the long answer has to do with Indian history, specifically the last 200 odd years. Treachery and demeaning other Indians became a very successful and popular strategy under British rule. Strategies that seem to work are often emulated and imitated by others, and such malicious behavior fits in very well with a zero sum view of the world.

If you read pre-1800 accounts, Indians were never known for having a poor self-image. Nor were they considered to be especially corrupt, weak or duplicitous. Obviously, something changed between then and now.

There is however another type of poor self-image exhibited by some Indians. They believe that they were more honest, decent and humane than their adversaries.

While there is some truth to Indians being somewhat more humane than non-indigenous Muslims, the principal reason for the failure of some Indian kingdoms against Muslims came down to a few factors-

1. Incompetent leaders (irrespective of caste) with poor military sensibilities- bargainers not warriors.
2. Unwillingness to spend enough to raise large professional armies, pay soldiers on time etc.
3. Letting petty rivalries, dogmas, ideologies and prejudices overshadow utilitarian considerations.

The reality is that Indians are not intrinsically worse than anybody else, however this obsession with their own shortcomings ensures that the end result is indeed inferior to what it would otherwise be.


Obvious Question: Jan 19, 2011

January 19, 2011 6 comments

I often ponder on many profound questions, such as-

Why are so few bloggers who promote meta-causes not willing to use pornographic imagery to attract attention to their main cause.

Sure, there is me (and me) and FBs retrotic, but consistent use of softcore imagery to attract attention is the exception rather than the norm.



PS: Here is another idea I have been working on: Nekkid Cuties on Tumblr

All of these pieces will be linked together in an interesting manner within a week. I now have critical mass (read that as search engine traffic) on both of my NSFW wordpress blogs.