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Funny Cartoons: Wulffmorgenthaler

January 22, 2011 2 comments

Some funny cartoons from this website: Wulffmorgenthaler

On women..


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Questions about the Nature of the Universe: 2

January 22, 2011 11 comments

There are many who believe that alien intelligence would have a recognizable physical form. Here is my counter question-

Why should advanced alien intelligence have a physical form?

Is it not possible that any sufficiently advanced alien intelligence would be integrated in the very fabric of our universe? If intelligence is the ability to process and interpret information, would it not be optimal for such entities to integrate themselves into the giant quantum computer- aka our universe?

Why build an intelligent machine, when it would be far better, if somewhat more difficult, to plug into the universe and run yourself as a “process” or “daemon”?

There are many non-obvious advantages for an advanced alien intelligence to run as a process in the universe. They include the ability to move across the universe and time at will, and be generally omnipresent and omnipotent.