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Hi Slashdotters

January 23, 2011 2 comments

Here are a few links from a fellow blogger that might interest you.

Ferdinand Bardamu (pseudonym) at was the first blogger to publish contact info for Julian Assange’s Swedish Accusers: Anna Ardin & Sofia Wilén’s contact information and addresses

Here are a couple of more popular articles on his blog-

Eternal solipsism of the Female Mind

Marriage is dying – how will women respond?


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The Future of Film Making

January 23, 2011 30 comments

We no longer live in the era of ‘plantation-type’ movie studios or recording houses, but large private companies still have considerable power over content production, distribution and promotion. Technology has been slowly changing this state of affairs for almost 30-40 years, however certain new technological advances, enabling systems and cost considerations WILL change the entertainment industry as we know it.

Update: I have put up a new post partially answering some of the questions raised in the comments and on slashdot: A Clarification About The Future of Filmaking

Consider the following

This Amazing Full Feature Film Was Made with Footage Entirely from Grand Theft Auto IV

French filmmaker Mathieu Weschler spent two years making The Trashmaster. And that’s not the crazy thing. What’s insane is that the film’s footage (an epic 88-minutes of sex, drugs and violence) is made entirely from scenes in Grand Theft Auto IV.

The $300 Action Movie

Director/writer Michael Ashton took $300 and an obvious understanding of cinema basics and special effects and made this 12-minute short film called Lazy Teenage Superheroes. It’s quite impressive! The acting, not so much.

Dunia Engine

The Dunia Engine is a game engine, based on CryEngine, but heavily modified by the Ubisoft Montréal development team for Far Cry 2. A heavily modified version of the Dunia Engine is used for James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game. Assassin’s Creed II and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood also uses Far Cry 2’s vegetation technology, although it doesn’t use the Dunia Engine itself (the game runs on Anvil)

have a look at this video

iPhone 4 Music Video – for FLAKJAKT “Cascades”

and this article..

Mail service costs Netflix 20 times more than streaming

Netflix currently pays up to $1 per DVD mailed round trip, and the company mails about 2 million DVDs per day. By comparison, the company pays 5 cents to stream the same movie. In other words, the company pays 20 times more in postage per movie than it does in bandwidth, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Now consider that social media such as Blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc can help advertise for almost no cost, especially when compared to traditional avenues for advertising.

Can you see what I am trying to point out?

Think about how reality TV shows and other low budget shows displaced sitcoms.. Could you have imagined that shows like jersey shore, mythbusters, dirty jobs etc would have become as big as they are now in the mid 1990s?


PS: Hi Slashdotters

NSFW Links: Jan 23, 2011

January 23, 2011 Leave a comment

These links are NSFW.

Nina A from Metart: Quam NekkidCuties

Nina A from Metart: Quam Nudie Cuties

Ilze A from MetArt: Ikkilia NekkidCuties

Ilze A from MetArt: Ikkilia Nudie Cuties

Ilze A from MetArt: Haltrika NekkidCuties

Ilze A from MetArt: Haltrika Nudie Cuties


PS: Also check out my NSFW tumblr website.

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