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Pissing on White Notions about Black Criminality

January 26, 2011 14 comments

Many whites seem to subscribe to the notion that blacks are intrinsically criminal. I have tackled this bullshit a few times before, but here is another angle.

Answer these rhetorical questions-

1. When is the last time you heard about a black guy with a decent “normal” job commit your typical crime? Seriously?

2. Who gets away with crime at any level? black or white? who is more likely to be imprisoned?

3. Does the job of your average white guy involve any critical thinking, creativity, innovativeness- basically anything beyond rote ability?

People who have something to gain by playing nice will do so. Those who have nothing to gain by playing nice will not.


Austrian Economics and the Rise of Hitler

January 26, 2011 15 comments

Ever wonder how one of the most educated and advanced nation in Europe ended up with Hitler as a leader in 1933? Well, you have thank Austrian Economics for that- at least partially.

You see, after ww1 the allies made Germans pay exorbitant and ruinous reparations. The only way to escape these compensations was through hyperinflation- wiemar style.

But here is the fun part.. after a few years of such hyperinflation they decided to cool down and “normalize” the economy- using the advice of people like Friedrich von Hayek and his “Austrian” School Of Economics. The guy who led this effort, Heinrich Brüning, whose austerity measures resulted in a massive increase in unemployment- from 15% to over 30% in less than two years.

By 1933 the average German had lost all faith in conventional political structures, parties, old school experts and gave an unconventional Austrian a chance at being Chancellor. We kinda know how that turned out, don’t we?

Let me pour some more gas on this: The Gold Standard and Zero Sum Behavior: 1


The Career Trajectory is Dead

January 26, 2011 11 comments

Many people slave away at their jobs, universities or schools in the hope that it will result in a good career trajectory. But is it realistic?

Are there any defined and stable career trajectories?

For a long time (mid-1930s to mid-1970s), almost everybody in USA and the rest of the industrialized world had a defined career trajectory. Keeping your nose on the proverbial wheel would give a modest but decent life with a reasonably well-defined career track and opportunities for advancement.

This career trajectory often came at the cost of alienation, loneliness, depression and general dissatisfaction with life- but at least playing by the rigged rules got you something.

This ceased to the case since the early 1980s, first for blue-collar workers and then for white-collar workers. Current trends demonstrate that STEM is no longer exempt from this trend. Even in socialistic European countries and east-Asian countries such as Japan and Korea, only the older established public sector workers have anything coming close to a career trajectory.

The rest, including the youth, are SOL.

It should be obvious that no amount of repair to the old system can fix the problem, as its very existence is now the problem.

Of course, you can ignore what I am saying and go back to slaving for whichever sociopathic entity you want to. Surely an entity that wrecks the lives of others for profit and fun will recognize your devotion, loyalty, hard work and reward you.

Did you know that 80 per cent of 35-year-olds in Japan live on an annual income of two million yen– a key poverty benchmark, doing temporary jobs without any long-term prospects? Two million yen/yr = 20-22,000 USD/yr. That is not a misprint or typo! Think about the long-term effects of such conditions on social stability and outlook.