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Milton Friedman on Drug Legalisation

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment

While I have many issues with neo-liberal eCONomic ideas, this is one area where my views are very similar to those of Milton Friedman.


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This Style of “Therapy” Might Just Work

February 28, 2011 5 comments

Had to link to this article:

Talking to a stripped-down therapist to get to naked truth

There’s something about a naked woman that can make a man do strange things.Like discuss his feelings.

That’s the theory, at least, behind “naked therapy,” a new psychoanalytic tool not approved by any professional mental health association, but practiced right now by a 24-year-old New York City woman named Sarah White. “The goal is to show patients I have nothing to hide, and to encourage them to be more honest,” explains White. “For men in particular, seeing a naked woman can really help them focus, look deeply into themselves and speak their minds openly.” Sessions begin with White fully clothed. As the hour proceeds, she asks if the patient (who are, unsurprisingly, mostly male) minds if she removes her shirt. Then her skirt. Then her bra and underwear. The patient rarely minds.

Here is an obviously sanitized YouTube clip of her in action. I prefer to use Escorts for my far more physical, but similarly priced, therapeutic sessions.


People Who Make More Than 500K per Year Are Dispensable Parasites

February 28, 2011 17 comments

Have you ever noticed something?

Everyone who currently makes more than 500K/ year is a rent seeking parasite who can be eliminated without any detriment to society?

Close to every single person who makes more than 10 times median income in every single population in human history made that much money through monopoly and rent-seeking rather than actual work, innovation or sheer luck.

Some of you might say- what about some doctors, athletes. lawyers or small time businessmen? My answer is- there are people with the same level of competence who can work for less. Moreover many professions such as lawyers, highly paid managers and corrupt small-time businessmen are a net drain on society.

Populations with total income inequalities of 20 times or median to top inequalities of 10 times are not stable because they allow for runaway rent seeking behavior and malinvestment which cripple a society’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances.. never mind create a lot of bad faith/ loss of social cohesion.


Read Between The Frames: Feb 27, 2011

February 27, 2011 6 comments

The blogosphere often talks about the western woman’s sense of entitlement, cock carousel riding, hypergamy etc. Here is an advertisement for an oral contraceptive that says all of the above- if you read between the frames.


NSFW Links: Feb 27, 2011

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These links are NSFW.

Leila from FTV: Assorted NekkidCuties

Leila from FTV: Assorted Nudie Cuties

Self Shots: Feb 27, 2011 NekkidCuties

Self Shots: Feb 27, 2011 Nudie Cuties

Tumblr Site:


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The New Face of Window 8?

February 26, 2011 1 comment

Is this the new face of windows 8? If it is, and MS has already demonstrated various parts of the underlying technologies in their current products (Kinect, Surface, parts of the Zune OS)- it will make other desktop OS system look like crap.

Think of how iOS revolutionized mobile devices.. Note that MS is clearly allowing the user to interact with the same applications in different ways and on different devices- depending on hardware availability and configuration.

Have a look at the YouTube clip.


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Guest Post by YSV Rao: Indian Philo-Semitism and Judaic Indophilia

February 26, 2011 32 comments

India is the only country in the world which did not persecute its Jewish residents (miniscule as they may have been).Israel enjoys its highest approval rating in India despite the official stance of the Left leaning Indian government.

What ties bind these disparate people, Middle Eastern and South Asian? Monotheists and idol worshippers, of minimalist Abrahamic and extensive pantheon of Vedic beliefs, historical wanderers and notoriously introverted xenophobes.

One of the common links is of course anti Muslim prejudice, though not without good reason. Both Hindus and Jews have been subject to Muslim rule and dhimmi status in the past and Islamic terrorism to the present day. But so did Russia (with there is also a close bond, but the anti Muslim thing is not the main factor),Greece and the Balkan states so why no special relationship with them. These countries don’t capture the Indian imagination like Israel’s stunning victory 1967 war, the raid of Entebbe and various Mossad operations. Again Indians delight in anyone rubbing Muslim noses in the ground but there is something else more primal that I figure most Indians ,particularly males are loath to admit.

Both Hindus are Jews were considered unmanly ,timid merchants known for haggling more than quarreling and quarreling than fighting. The European Jews who founded the nation of Israel were aware that the modern citizens of the future state would have to do away with such attributes and set about luring the intellentsia and their commercial classes from their drawing rooms and markets into the tough, unforgiving landscape of 19th century Palestine to work on the land till it bloomed and till your hands bled and fight the Arabs and the British for what was given to you by God till you make THEM bleed. This combination of brain and brawn created a …ahem New Man as it were in the Holy Land which enabled to survive and thrive even when numerically outnumbered by hostile Arabs in 1948,1967,1973,1st and 2nd intifada and now presently with the information warfare, demoralization strategy via Iran and the Western media and delegitimization and divestment campaign (through European and American universities and think tanks).

It is also interesting to note that both Hindu nationalism and Zionism despite their associations with ancient and profoundly religious people are actually secular ideologies many of whose founders were agnostics if not atheists. Ever since the defeat? of Marathas at Panipat, there had a been a crisis in Hindu manhood. Last breath of Hindu defiance was seen in the War of Independence against the British in 1857 but even this was probably was Koenraad Elst called “Hindus wielding the sword of Islam”.

or in this case the sword of Islam on one side and sword of the British on the other (Hindus fighting the British was united under the Mughal King Bahadur Shah Zafar II while many more Hindus and Sikhs were actually fighting for the British).For a brief period hot-headed middle class Brahmins from Bengal and Maharashtra had taken up the revolutionary cause by spreading terror. Some took matters even further and set up shop in London where managed to assassinate a commissioner and coordinate other revolutionary activities in India.

These individuals were particularly scornful of the current state of Hindu manhood. They exhorted youth use to cease their bookish habits and take up physical exercises and martial arts. They particularly loathed the vegetarianism prevalent in society and promoting the eating of meat and animal sacrifices to get Hindus to quell their squeamishness about shedding blood. They also attempted to undo the efforts of the Western historians to present Hindu history as a long series of defeats. Indeed as they could claim, no other nation had so many invasion attempts thwarted starting with the Greeks, Persians, Scythians, Yue Chi (precursors of the Huns), Huns, Arabs, Turks, Mughals, Pushtoons, Persians, French, Portuguese, Dutch and their current struggle against the British.

However this movement was soon disbanded and arrested (Savarkar was taken to the notorious Kalapani).After his release he never participated in any anti-British activity but directed his ire towards Muslims and what he perceived to be their collaborators such as the pacific Muslim appeaser Gandhi(he was implicated in Gandhi’s assassination due to his association with the killer-at the time comparisons have been to Jewish extremist Yigal Amir who assonated Yitzhak Rabin-whom the former considered a Muslim appeaser to whom he handed over traditional Jewish land as Gandhi portioned Hindu land and handed it over to Muslims). Not surprisingly they were most impressed with the Zionist experiment in Israel and encouraged Hindus to follow their example.

So there you have it, Indian support for Israel is really the emasculated, testosterone starved, meat deprived ,Muslim loathing pacific, Hindu males yearning for a revival of Hindu masculinity when the latter was feared as violent,brave,honorable and stalwart.
From the Jewish side, it had been mostly one of gratitude and affection than admiration. For the simple fact that Jews had thrived in India since the Babylonian exile ,Roman destruction of the temple and various tricklings thereafter. They had become kings, generals, famous actresses and businessman.

The average young Israeli can’t wait to finish his mandatory military service so he can set off for India- mostly Goa and curiously, northern Hindu pilgrimage centers! It is significant most of the partnerships and agreement between India and Israel are mostly regarding military hardware(Israel recently surpassed Russia as India’s top arms supplier) and support for Indian army’s clampdown on Kashmir and other counter terror measures. Again we see the military cooperation and similar pursuits to be considered quite natural and organic by both parties.

It is worth recalling that during the November 2008 Mumbai terror , it caused Indians some pain when a former Israeli commando criticized the rescue efforts of his Indian counterparts in the siege of the Jewish centre.

And rightly so, it was terribly executed. Indian forces were caught with their pants down , there was no central command and if so, it was absolutely clueless. Many Indians realized that their forces were not up to par for highly mobile, precision operations which hostage rescue mission calls for ,yet this downbeat assessment of their capabilities really stung particularly as it was coming from Israel.

Despite these contemporary collaborations and ancient associations no matter how strong will not cause the Indian government to vocally and unabashedly support Israel in the U.N as U.S has. And they may not do so until they actually become more like the Israelis-tough ,resilient ,unapologetic,resourceful,defiant and brave.

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Why Lesser Anglo-Saxon Countries Have A Dark Future: 1

February 25, 2011 130 comments

I prefer to define lesser Anglo-Saxon countries as those countries which were used to dump poor and retarded anglo-saxons prior to WW2, namely Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In my opinion, their future is much dimmer than that of the USA.

The USA, for all its faults, is not seen by immigrants as a systemically racist society- as far as employment and business opportunities are concerned. In that respect, lesser Anglo-Saxon countries are demonstrably far more discriminatory to immigrants.

It is not widely appreciated that economic discrimination is likely to create far more nastier conflicts that the attitudes of uppity white women.

In Canada, both first generation and second generation non-whites make measurably less than their less-educated white peers. Canucks often try to rationalize this with all sort of bullshit explanation, but nobody who matters cares. White canucks are over represented in the baby-boomer generation and underrepresented in the younger generation (Gen Y- Millenials). Moreover the amount of economic activity necessary to maintain, let alone grow revenue collection, is starting to collapse as these baby boomers pass their maximum income (aka revenue) years and move into their collection (pensions, investments, healthcare) years.

Who is going to pay for them? Why should younger and more-educated nonwhites pay for passive aggressive racist sub-humans? Why not euthanize older Canucks- actively or passively? Why cooperate with their passive aggressive white progeny?

Moving on to Australia.. It is economically somewhat less suckier for immigrants than Canada- but the attitudes of its aging white population do not help their case. They too, like Canada, are overtly dependent on selling their natural resources to other countries- an activity with significant cyclicity. New Zealand is also far too dependent on selling its natural resources and tourism type activities. It appears that racism in NZ is also more similar to Canada (passive-aggressive) than Australia (more overt).

To make a long story short, neither of these three countries have the right socio-economic atmosphere to integrate non-white immigrants to the level where they would defend the system as insiders. As I have often said before, people can detect unfairness and will never fight for a system that is perceived to be treating them as second-class humans or worse.

I will write more based on responses.


CONservative and LIEbertarian Assault On The “Commons”

February 25, 2011 5 comments

CONservatives and LIEbertarians won’t be happy until they’ve destroyed any social institution that doesn’t function to create profits for corporations. From prisons to libraries, there have been institutions in our society that we hold “in common”. Public libraries, public schools, public safety (police and fire departments) even parks are all facing coordinated assaults on their very existence as public institutions. Corporations and their enablers (aka CONservatives and LIEbertarians) hate these things because people make use of them without enriching the economic elite. Hell, they don’t even believe you should be able to lend something you bought to a neighbor or friend.


Noted, Through Massive Self-Restraint, With Almost No Comment Whatsoever

February 25, 2011 5 comments

There is a new game on the Wii and PS3 called “We Dare”.

Park the Mario Kart, and throw your keys in the bowl

NSFW(ish) We Dare is a new game, for the Wii and PS3 and out later this year, that invites players to use motion-sensing consoles in a rather more adult way than previous titles. Gaming blog Kotaku, who spotted the forthcoming release, reckons it’s a sex party in a box, which isn’t as far from the truth as one might hope. We Dare certainly invites players to get physical with their remotes (PS3 players need the Move accessory), while rating their ability to administer a little light flagellation to their partner, or their partner’s partners as the slightly-NSFW promotional video demonstrates.

Here is the YouTube promo, and remember that there are links to 9 more R-rated clips at the end of this clip.

This is what we can do with hand-held controllers.. now think what is possible with Kinect, Windows 7 and user-hacks. I cannot wait to see some CONservatives start the whole “won’t anyone think of the children” crap.

Bonus Clip:


Why Men and Women Who Defend Marriage are Extermination Worthy Liars

February 24, 2011 14 comments

It is my belief that men and women who defend marriage are worthless subhuman liars who, in a rational world, would be tortured and burnt alive for misleading others. Here is why..

1.They use issues such as supposedly decreased sexual potency in old age to frighten men in marrying. Let me dissect this train of thought based on currently available technology.

Between testosterone cream (transdermal), PDE-5 Inhibitors, high protein/low carb diets, weight training and cognitive enhances (methylphenidate, nicotine and judicious use of adderall)- most men without any serious health conditions can have the same overall functionality that we still associate with late 50s into their mid 70s. Note that all of the above mentioned measures are not expensive today- and are likely to much cheaper in the future.

The relative cost of decent looking escorts has not changed much over centuries (adjusted for average income) plus cheap international travel and improved standards of living around the world make it even an even better deal than the past. I suspect that without the added mental strain, torture and physical wear caused by being an indentured laborer for a woman (aka marriage)- things will be even better for most of the todays 20-40 somethings.

Of course, things can go horribly wrong in the near future and we could all die- but that does not alter the final outcome of life anyway. Death, as long as it is not painful or drawnout, is inconsequential.

2. Death, legacy and externally validated achievement are immaterial.

Who cares about the world once you cease to exist? Would it matter if the world was destroyed in the minute after your death? Would it matter if it became heaven or hell? If you, the observer, are no longer there- it does not matter. Your legacy is immaterial, as nobody can predict the future. Your achievements also do not matter other than how they make you feel when you are alive.

All that matters is the present and the near future (upto 5 years). Beyond that- nobody knows AND has never known. It is better to concentrate on living than worry about dying, because unless we evolve in non-biological forms- we will ALL die.

3. The old assumptions mean squat.

Many old people supposedly think that family and kids were their greatest achievements. But is that view not based on a pre-condition that used to be true?

Namely, kids and family will stick with you and help you in your old age.

This pre-condition has been true for almost all of human history. But is it still true? Look around you.. Do you see any evidence for that belief being strong? If anything, this assumption has become more and more dubious in the last 60 odd years- especially in affluent societies.

There is no motivation or social structure to ensure that kids will take care of you, let alone live in the same city. Your wife could divorce you at 60.. Even if you were the best parent possible- your kids and family will very likely abandon or ignore you when you need them. Now add in feminism and woman friendly laws..

To put it simply.. family and kids are no longer a viable long-term option, as they USED to be. Often feel like I am repeatedly stating the obvious, but few like to talk about it.. so.

PS: If you believe that your wife will stick by you through thick and thin, tell her you quit your job or closed your business.

In the age of feminism and “feminine empowerment”- Marriage is expensive and poor quality prostitution with the same aging, lying and shifty-eyed whore.

Will write more depending on responses.


NSFW Links: Feb 24, 2011

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

These links are NSFW.

Assorted Latina Booty: Feb 22, 2011 NekkidCuties

Assorted Latina Booty: Feb 22, 2011 Nudie Cuties

Mesha Seville: Strappy Lingerie NekkidCuties

Mesha Seville: Strappy Lingerie Nudie Cuties


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Why Are Indians So Color Conscious?

February 23, 2011 8 comments

This is an open question, rather than a post.

Why are Indian men so color conscious in their choice of sex partner? Other than east-Asians (face), I find well proportioned young women of all races attractive.

I could care less if the woman was black, white, hispanic, east-african or some mix- as long as she was hot and not fucked up in the head.


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Why I Don’t Hang Around Indians: 1

February 23, 2011 25 comments

If you read my posts with some regularity, you might not have guessed this one. But it is true..

I don’t hang around most Indians or even try to interact with them.

Now that does not mean that I avoid all Indians, or all Indians are fucked up. Indeed, a worthwhile minority of Indians are not screwed up. However a majority, Indian and Foreign born, are.. well.. peculiar.

Let me explain-

1. When Indians talk amongst themselves, the topics of conversation focus on the following subjects

a. Money
b. Money
c. Money related crap
d. How well their insulin-resistant wombturds perform in academics
e. How Whites are better, worse, stupider, smarter etc
f. How they are morally and culturally better than others

Seriously, that is all most Indians ever talk about. They have no appreciation for anything that cannot make them a quick buck or allow them to gloat over their purported superiority. Even worse, they repeat the same shit over and over again.. it almost feels that they live in one endless loop.

2. They seem to lack the concept of not pissing off neutral people.

While I have no hesitancy in abusing people or groups who have either demonstrated a racist attitudes towards me or have a high probability of doing so- I try to not piss on people who are on the border or not especially racist. Many Indians spend a lot of time and energy trying to show that they are better than some other Indian because of their language, jati, school, university, car, suburb, martial status..

They do not seem to understand that people whom you piss on will never be your trustworthy allies. While there is little loss in treating heavily biased individuals or groups with disdian and contempt, there is little to be gained but much to be lost through shitty treatment of neutral or friendly people.

3. Racism

Most Indians never tire of sucking white cock, but express contempt and feel that they are ‘better’ than blacks. They want to seen as white or have some special ‘south-asian’ status. They don’t seem to understand that sucking white cock does not translate into anything approaching equal status. In any case, unless you are a motel or 7-11 employee, blacks are not especially hostile towards Indians.

Did I mention that a lot of the thinner black chicks are hot and fun in bed.. Women should be judged by the smoothness of their skin, pertness of their ass and tits, symmetry of their face and their general ability and enthusiasm in bed rather than the color of their skin. If they increase blood flow into your dick, they are good enough.

Why not have sex with someone you are attracted to, rather than obsess over race, color or creed?

More about this subject in future posts.


The Free Market is Not Self-Regulating, Efficient or All Knowing

February 22, 2011 9 comments

CONservatives and LIEbertarians like to, or pretend to, believe in a free-market that is self-regulating, efficient and all-knowing. However there is a little problem with that assumption..

IF the free market was even 25% as good or real as its promoters tout it to be, it would be the default system of socio-economic activity throughout human history.

Its promoters are unwittingly touting it as a minimum energy path through the potential energy surface of human nature and civilization. So why don’t most people adopt it? Why do we require a boatload of laws to make the free market work? Why don’t civilizations, nations and cultures naturally slip in the direction of the mythical free market?

If you pour water over a landscape (thought experiment), most of it would ultimately gather and flow along low energy paths. The same is true of molecules (low energy conformations), electromagnetic phenomena (think electricity) etc. The universe seemingly abhors high energy states and pathways when low energy ones are readily available and accessible.

So why would such a supposedly self-regulating, efficient and all-knowing system not be the default socio-economic system. After all, it is touted to be based on human nature and shortcomings.. and has supposedly lower transaction costs than other systems. So why does it not work like that in real life or human history?