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Hollywood Lacks Originality: Feb 2, 2011

February 2, 2011 8 comments

OK, watch this short (~ 10 minute long) clip. It shows you how Hollywood steals from itself and others while threatening other about copyright. The website is Everything Is a Remix


Stuff Aging Whites Don’t Comprehend: Egypt 2

February 2, 2011 10 comments

After skimming through more MSM and blogosphere crap about the Egyptian situation, a few things are obvious.. so will continue from my previous post on this topic.

1. Most in the west still don’t get it. Many white journalists are warning about how “unrest in Egypt could affect foreign investment and business in the region”.

Newsflash: If the current economic model in the M.E was workable, these uprisings would never have occurred in the first place. Isn’t that obvious? The people on the street are very aware that the anglo-saxon economic model has brought them nothing but poverty and misery.

2. The old regime is NOT salvageable. There are many in western governments, MSM and certain parts of the blogosphere who seem to believe that the old regime is somehow salvageable.

I am not sure that these ivy-league cocksuckers can comprehend the difference between ‘regime by title’ and ‘functional regime’. It appears unlikely that anyone with deep connections to Mubarak will escape the negative association. Even worse.. the harder various western governments try to appear neutral, the more they will be seen as supporting Mubarak. No popular government in Egypt after his official overthrow will want to be seen as following his signature policies.

3. Many MSM and certain blogosphere commentators express doubt about the intellectual ability of Egyptians. I find this white attitude funny. Here is why-

Who is more stupid and fatalistic? A married pussy-whipped white guy with an upside-down mortgage and unstable career trajectory who keeps on playing the rigged game with the hope of wining OR a guy who has understood the futility of the status quo and is willing to fight for what he believes in?

4. It seems many in the west (especially the anglo-saxon west) believe that still have leverage over ‘those brown people’. Let me say this again- NO and they know you have none.

Leverage over the long-term is viable only if the other party benefits from the association. It should be obvious to any objective observer that commercial exchange with the west only benefits a small percentage of Egyptian society. The rest have nothing to lose by ignoring what the west says.

and inspite of what morons like brzezinski believe, the west no longer has the ability or cohesiveness to profit from large-scale military operations. I am not saying that some white morons might not try such things, but it is unlikely to be successful in delivering what matters- long term profit.

While it is still too early to predict what the rapidly developing situation will lead to, a return to the previous arrangement is the least likely option.