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Exposing CONservative Stupidity: Feb 8, 2011

February 8, 2011 3 comments

Many CONservatives keep on talking about security (army/ cops) being able to crush any uprising against the ‘elites’. Here is my counter question-

Why is it not working in the Middle-East, a region with a far longer tradition of authoritarian repression and brutality?

Hint 1: It has to do with the size and scale of unrest. Beyond a certain size and scale, the equations about civilian casualties are very unfavorable.

Hint 2: Members of the army and police have kids, wives, parents, property etc and other people know where they live.

Hint 3: Surviving people have long memories.

Hint 4: We live in a rather interdependent world, where it is easy for one large nation to interfere in the affairs of another.


Why CONservatives Are More Likely to Believe in Conspiracies

February 8, 2011 4 comments

Have you noticed one interesting, but often ignored, aspect of the audience for conspiracy theories? The vast majority of believers in conspiracy theories are either CONservative or LIEbertarians.

Let me be clear about one thing- I do not deny that small groups of people have always tried to conspire against other groups for personal gains. However with the exception of small rackets, human ability to affect the future is less consequential than pissing into a Category 5 hurricane.

But back to the topic at hand. What makes these two groups especially susceptible to such bullshit? Here are the reasons-

1. Both groups have lower than average intelligence and the inability to think through complex problems.

Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself the following questions- Why do both groups have such veneration for the words of long dead people? Why the veneration for sociopaths who piss on them? Why the blind trust in authority (CONservatives) or ideologies (LIEbertarians)? Why the deterministic fatalism? Why do they worship a past that may or may not have existed?

Aren’t these signs of the inability to think properly? Belief in large-scale conspiracy theories and their actors is merely a secular version of belief in gods, demons and spirits.

2. One word – projection.

Concepts about how the ‘elite’ will treat others, try to control weather, corrupt decent people etc are a projection of how these two types of retards would go about doing it for themselves- if they could.

In the past, these ideas were expressed as myths. The real-life limitations of human ability are obviously not a factor in old or current myths. The reality is that the so-called ‘elite’ are as mortal and mediocre as the rest of humanity.

However many CONservatives and LIEbertarians keep on believing that ‘elite’ are somehow better, when the only two requirements for becoming an ‘elite’ are luck and sociopathy.

which brings me to

3. Belief in ability of the ‘elite’ to remain united.

Ask yourself – Why would one sociopathic elite not try to screw over another sociopathic elite?

Just because they cooperate for screwing over a third easier person does not mean that they would not try to screw over each other. History is replete with treacheries, double-dealing and backstabbing within the ‘elite’ of each era and culture.

Do you really think that sociopaths can turn off their sociopathy when dealing with another sociopath?

Will continue this series, based on feedback.


Why “Cheating” In Exams is a Non-Issue

February 8, 2011 16 comments

Hardly a day goes without some old idiot or old media article expressing regret about how “students today cheat more than before”.

Here is my counter question – Is it relevant?

When people perform jobs or work in real life, they use ALL available resources and information to get the job done. Nobody does complex and important things based on rote memory alone. At every stage we check and recheck the progress of the task through external inputs and information.

If tests are meant to ascertain how well students can perform previously taught stuff under real-life conditions, why insist on measuring their performance under highly unnatural conditions.