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A Question to Readers: Feb 10, 2011

February 10, 2011 16 comments

How would you characterize my blog. Imagine you had to explain what this blog is about to someone who has never read it before.


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The Real Reason Behind Hatred Towards Public Sector Employees

February 10, 2011 3 comments

In many countries, people who work for the government (at any level) are detested by those who work in the private sector, and CONservatives frequently take advantage of that fact.

Ever wondered- Why?

The conventional explanations range from simple envy, ideology to being misled by others. Government employees defend that status quo through threats and self-aggrandising statements.

However most ignore the obvious reason:

Others are ticked off because they are treated worse than corrupt, lazy, incompetent and venal public-sector employees.

In a world where your average private sector employee made the same or more than an average public sector employees, few would care about the compensation of government drones. Humans have a good inbuilt “morality meter” which can gauge whether they are receiving fair treatment.

My solution: Ensure that your average worker private sector make as much or a bit more than your average government employee.

The fact that government employees make more, have better job security and frequently abuse their power while being ultimately dependent on the revenue stream from the work of others is what rightly angers people. While I am not suggesting that we should get rid of government jobs or shrink the government, it is important to understand that government jobs, due to their very nature, MUST always pay less than an equivalent skill job outside the bureaucracy.

Because, face it, most government jobs are bureaucratic jobs.

We will get there- one way or other. Personally, I have no sympathy for people with well-paying stable jobs who do shit all, when others who do far more are compensated far more poorly.

The quickest way for government employees to forever screw themselves involves defending the status quo- which is precisely what they are doing. Humans are lazy, stupid, petty and venal creatures who often try solutions that ‘look’ easy.