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NSFW Links: Feb 12, 2011

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These links are NSFW.

Chantelle A from MetArt: Exansia NekkidCuties

Chantelle A from MetArt: Exansia Nudie Cuties

Chantelle A from MetArt: Nicest NekkidCuties

Chantelle A from MetArt: Nicest Nudie Cuties


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Why did the Egyptian Revolution Lack Chaos?

February 12, 2011 5 comments

Unasked Questions are often the most important ones. In the case of the recent Egyptian revolution, one of the very obvious but ignored question is-

Why did we not see or hear about large scale looting, chaos and general anarchy by the pro-democracy protesters?

Sure, they was some looting of ‘exclusive’ malls and stuff like that, but most of it was done by pro-mubarak hired goons. Why did the poor people just not run wild and steal, rape and plunder all they could? Some might ascribe this apparent restraint to the presence of the army, but it was largely concentrated in some areas of major cities and around important facilities. Large parts of Egyptian cities were without sufficient ‘law’ enforcement and guess what.. they did not fall into chaos.

I have a theory about the most important reason and will write a separate post about it. The gist of my theory is that cellphones (rapid, portable and reliable communication) has fundamentally changed the way people can organize.

Many aging and dying white morons still cannot conceive that ‘those’ non-white, “low IQ” people pulled off what they did. These morons are still trying to see and interpret recent events through their outdated and biased mental filters.

But does their opinion and world-view matter anymore?