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Non-Genetic Reasons behind Indians developing Metabolic Syndrome

February 20, 2011 29 comments

Indians appear to have a higher risk of developing insulin resistance, and its sequelae such as Type 2 DM and Coronary Artery disease. Many popular explanation put forth by whites and self-hating Indians involve a prominent role for genetic factors.

But is it true? Have you ever considered that a considerable part of the Indian lifestyle is responsible for this increased risk? I have talked about this in a previous post related to this topic, but feel the need to explain the context in more detail.

Let us start with Epigenetic effect of maternal malnutrition, obesity and high carbohydrate diet on the offspring’s initial insulin resistance setting.

Moving on through childhood, Indians are notorious for feeding kids carbohydrate laden, protein deficient crap under the guise of vegetarianism. Even westernized Indians often eat much more carbohydrates and noticeably less meat than their non-Indian counterparts. Combine that with discouraging physical activity to concentrate on acing exams. A child exposed to insulin resistance facilitating conditions in the womb is pushed into childhood that makes worsens the pathology. Less muscle, more fatty tissue plus some insulin resistance.

Moving on to adulthood, Indians seem to have a status driven aversion towards physical activity. I am not expecting everyone to be athletically gifted, but what harm can come from an active lifestyle plus some muscle-building? If you combine this with the tendency to not drink alcohol regularly in moderation- the result is less muscle, more fat and more insulin resistance on a smaller skeletal frame.

For reasons that are linked to their sexual screwups, Indians rarely seem to want overall fitness or muscle tone as a goal.

As humans age, they often lose muscle mass. Indians having perfected ways to discourage muscle mass increase in the first place then start losing muscle mass even faster- mostly due to vegetarianism and a further decrease in activity levels. At some point- this combination of epigenetics, carbohydrate rich diets, vegetarianism, alcohol avoidance, aversion towards physical activity and muscle mass neglect catch up to make the person clinically insulin resistant.

Indians like to blame it on ‘genetics’ and ‘south-asian phenotypes’, because it easier for the ego to accept it as fate rather than a lifetime of conscious dogma-driven screwups.


PS: Did I mention that many Indians have little shame about developing a noticeable paunch or being somewhat obese with low muscle tone.

NSFW Links: Feb 20, 2011

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These links are NSFW.

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Sabina A from MetArt: Friday Nudie Cuties

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Sabina A from MetArt: Tennex Nudie Cuties

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Sabina A from MetArt: Rivaris Nudie Cuties

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