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Should Christchurch, New Zealand be Relocated?

February 21, 2011 6 comments

As you might have heard Christchurch suffered another largish earthquake (Magnitude 6.3 but shallow). Given the previous earthquake on 4 September 2010 (Magnitude 7.1) plus scores of nasty aftershocks and its location near major and active geological faults, someone has to ask an unpleasant question-

Can the city survive another major magnitude 7.5+, or worse, earthquake? Is it not time to consider relocating it?

I am not suggesting that such relocation can be done within a few months or even a couple of years, but it would be possible to build a city of similar size at a safer nearby location within a few years.


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Why 1STD’s, Mangy Dog’s and Half-Shitma’s White Utopia Ain’t Happening

February 21, 2011 17 comments

There are three bloggers, amongst many, who inadvertently entertain me with their fabricated delusions about the future, race, IQ etc. You can guess their blogs identity based on my puns of their website names. Let me concentrate on one of their wet dreams- a return to the 1950s and a whiter America through young white men rising up and winning conflicts against ‘those non-white’ subhumans.

Ain’t going to happen for a few obvious, but hard to comprehend, reasons…

1. The single biggest obstacle to the betterment of young white men is.. drumroll.. older and more established white men– and they KNOW it.

Who is firing young white men, not hiring them, outsourcing their jobs, rigging the legal system, crushing them under student debt, increasing the cost of family formation and pulling other assorted calvinistic-sociopathic scams? Here is a clue.. they look a lot like 1STD, Half-Shitma and Mangy Dog.

Asian, Indian and Black guys are not screwing over younger white men- older WHITE men are. If younger white men wanted to get clear obstacles to their personal growth, they don’t have to look very far.

2. Demography is a bitch.

As I have repeatedly said in older posts, whites have an adverse demographic profile at precisely the same time ‘those others’ have much a more favorable one- by numbers and percentages. Since economic activity trends are linked to things like family formation and population age profile, they are doubly screwed.

Do you really think businessmen of any race care about who buys their crap? Would you not sell stuff or services to someone because of racial solidarity? Maybe in the 1940s.. but we no longer live in that era. And if US whitey does not sell, there are many west-Europeans, east-Europeans and east-Asians who will.

3. Who are these young white men going to fight for or over? Used up cumrags aka white womanhood?

The reality is that very few non-white guys are stupid enough to want white women for anything other than fucking them silly. Seriously, which guy (race notwithstanding) wants to marry a used up, bitchy, underhanded piece of pussy? and don’t get me started about the hypocrisy of CONservative women.

and can you really recreate a pre-computerized world of labor intensive blue-collar jobs? Can a few TV networks, radio stations and newspapers with a few cigarette voiced old white men ever compete with the google, reddit, facebook, twitter, tumblr and blogs? Can american football and baseball ever compete with Xbox360 and Kinect? Is your transistor radio ever going to hold up against an iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy series?

You could see the world as it exists.. but then again creating graphs based on fraudulent statistics and regurgitating the quotes of dead white men might suit you more. Your choice!


PS: I kinda forgot to mention Whiskey, but I feel somewhat sorry for that guy.

Publicity Ploy: Feb 21, 2011

February 21, 2011 1 comment

I am considering regularly posts containing a few forward-worthy viral pictures to increase exposure to my blog.

We begin with an intriguing interpretation of the “original sin” myth through the use of bodypaint.

and here is another religion themed one about Pastafarianism.

Source: blubbersuppe


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Why Using Armies to Kill Civilians No Longer Works: Modern Digital Communication

February 21, 2011 8 comments

In case you are not following the events in Libya, here is a good link:

Libya Live Blog- Al Jazeera

Now, let me pose a question..

Would the events in Libya have occurred, spread and be reported outside the country in a modern digital communication age? Would reporting those events have the kind of repercussions we are now seeing?

Would any of this have been possible even 20 years ago? 50-60 years ago, the world was far more isolated and words, sounds and images did not spread fast enough to influence events on the ground. Today, anybody with an internet/phone connection and computer/cellphone can get updates about events.

It is worthwhile to note that even 20 years ago, the communication infrastructure was too centralized to allow news and information to spread in a “bottom-up” manner. Today anybody with a cellphone camera and even sporadic access to the internet can be a journalist. Images and sounds can be stored and sent via non-internet means such as diminutive memory cards.

The amount of trade between various technology equivalent trade blocs such as North America, Europe, Russia and East-Asia no longer allow for only one bloc to dominate proceedings. Moreover, these trade ties are now essential for keeping the world from collapsing.

Most people in the world, especially the older generation in both the west and other countries have NO idea about how to handle or manage such an environment. Many beliefs and ideas they were raised on and practiced in their lives have either stopped working or have become counterproductive.

And Yes.. I conceived and wrote about such scenarios long before they became reality. It is nice to see that reality is starting to catch up.

The world that many older people believe in is dying right before your eyes. The middle class american dream is dead, education is debt slavery, the willingness of young japanese men to work themselves to death is gone, young arabs just don’t seem to be pacified by traditional methods, organisations and protocols that ran the old world are being exposed as incompetent and useless, most members of traditionally respectable professions have been exposed as worthless sociopaths, few believe in the inherent goodness of capitalism or communism.


PS: Many white CONservatives frequently masturbate to the idea that killing people through armed forces on a large-scale can stop uprisings, especially if victims are non-whites. So.. how is it working out in reality?

The Grammer Ex-Couple As a Study in Aging

February 21, 2011 8 comments

Unless you have never watched american network TV for the last 20 years, you must be aware of Kelsey Grammer (born 1955). He has been a staple in two long running TV shows- ‘Cheers’ and ‘Frasier’ plus he has done a lot of voice work on shows like ‘The Simpsons’.

Anyway, his second marriage was to a Playboy model- Camille Donatacci (born 1968). Remember that she is 13 years younger than him.

Look at the pictures, and see how they have aged. Kelsey Grammer’s current girlfriend is a cute 29 year old blond known as Kayte Walsh.

Need I say more?


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The Power Of Kinect Shown via Hacks

February 21, 2011 2 comments

I have long believed that Kinect was the most innovative and revolutionary thing to come out of MicroSoft in the last few years. Not only is it a real 3-D camera with inbuilt gesture regulation, but it is cheap (150$) and now has an official publicly available SDK.

Here is a montage of what many amateur hackers have done till now with Kinect. Here is a link to a website devoted to documenting such hacks:


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The Libyan Regime Did Not Learn Anything

February 21, 2011 1 comment

It seems that autocrats do not learn from the experience of others (Tunisia, Egypt) or realize how the world today is different from the one they grew up in.

Case in point: The soon-to-be deposed Libyan Regime

After the fall of Benghazi to pro-democracy protesters plus soldiers who defected over, it seems that the intense fighting has moved to Tripoli.

Inspite of Qaddafi junior’s rambling threat laden speech on TV, it seems that rats are deserting the sinking ship. Quaddafi’s old buddies are quickly abandoning him.

Is anyone surprised?

In my opinion, the Qaddafi regime was finished the moment Benghazi fell to the Libyan people (within 4 days inspite of heavy civilian casualties). No regime can lose the control of their second biggest city so quickly and expect to remain standing- irrespective of whether it is democratic or totalitarian. Also note that the Libyan uprising has moved much faster than the one in Tunisia and Egypt- largely because of a significant part of the military actively going against the old regime.