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Why Are Indians So Color Conscious?

February 23, 2011 8 comments

This is an open question, rather than a post.

Why are Indian men so color conscious in their choice of sex partner? Other than east-Asians (face), I find well proportioned young women of all races attractive.

I could care less if the woman was black, white, hispanic, east-african or some mix- as long as she was hot and not fucked up in the head.


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Why I Don’t Hang Around Indians: 1

February 23, 2011 25 comments

If you read my posts with some regularity, you might not have guessed this one. But it is true..

I don’t hang around most Indians or even try to interact with them.

Now that does not mean that I avoid all Indians, or all Indians are fucked up. Indeed, a worthwhile minority of Indians are not screwed up. However a majority, Indian and Foreign born, are.. well.. peculiar.

Let me explain-

1. When Indians talk amongst themselves, the topics of conversation focus on the following subjects

a. Money
b. Money
c. Money related crap
d. How well their insulin-resistant wombturds perform in academics
e. How Whites are better, worse, stupider, smarter etc
f. How they are morally and culturally better than others

Seriously, that is all most Indians ever talk about. They have no appreciation for anything that cannot make them a quick buck or allow them to gloat over their purported superiority. Even worse, they repeat the same shit over and over again.. it almost feels that they live in one endless loop.

2. They seem to lack the concept of not pissing off neutral people.

While I have no hesitancy in abusing people or groups who have either demonstrated a racist attitudes towards me or have a high probability of doing so- I try to not piss on people who are on the border or not especially racist. Many Indians spend a lot of time and energy trying to show that they are better than some other Indian because of their language, jati, school, university, car, suburb, martial status..

They do not seem to understand that people whom you piss on will never be your trustworthy allies. While there is little loss in treating heavily biased individuals or groups with disdian and contempt, there is little to be gained but much to be lost through shitty treatment of neutral or friendly people.

3. Racism

Most Indians never tire of sucking white cock, but express contempt and feel that they are ‘better’ than blacks. They want to seen as white or have some special ‘south-asian’ status. They don’t seem to understand that sucking white cock does not translate into anything approaching equal status. In any case, unless you are a motel or 7-11 employee, blacks are not especially hostile towards Indians.

Did I mention that a lot of the thinner black chicks are hot and fun in bed.. Women should be judged by the smoothness of their skin, pertness of their ass and tits, symmetry of their face and their general ability and enthusiasm in bed rather than the color of their skin. If they increase blood flow into your dick, they are good enough.

Why not have sex with someone you are attracted to, rather than obsess over race, color or creed?

More about this subject in future posts.