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Why Men and Women Who Defend Marriage are Extermination Worthy Liars

February 24, 2011 14 comments

It is my belief that men and women who defend marriage are worthless subhuman liars who, in a rational world, would be tortured and burnt alive for misleading others. Here is why..

1.They use issues such as supposedly decreased sexual potency in old age to frighten men in marrying. Let me dissect this train of thought based on currently available technology.

Between testosterone cream (transdermal), PDE-5 Inhibitors, high protein/low carb diets, weight training and cognitive enhances (methylphenidate, nicotine and judicious use of adderall)- most men without any serious health conditions can have the same overall functionality that we still associate with late 50s into their mid 70s. Note that all of the above mentioned measures are not expensive today- and are likely to much cheaper in the future.

The relative cost of decent looking escorts has not changed much over centuries (adjusted for average income) plus cheap international travel and improved standards of living around the world make it even an even better deal than the past. I suspect that without the added mental strain, torture and physical wear caused by being an indentured laborer for a woman (aka marriage)- things will be even better for most of the todays 20-40 somethings.

Of course, things can go horribly wrong in the near future and we could all die- but that does not alter the final outcome of life anyway. Death, as long as it is not painful or drawnout, is inconsequential.

2. Death, legacy and externally validated achievement are immaterial.

Who cares about the world once you cease to exist? Would it matter if the world was destroyed in the minute after your death? Would it matter if it became heaven or hell? If you, the observer, are no longer there- it does not matter. Your legacy is immaterial, as nobody can predict the future. Your achievements also do not matter other than how they make you feel when you are alive.

All that matters is the present and the near future (upto 5 years). Beyond that- nobody knows AND has never known. It is better to concentrate on living than worry about dying, because unless we evolve in non-biological forms- we will ALL die.

3. The old assumptions mean squat.

Many old people supposedly think that family and kids were their greatest achievements. But is that view not based on a pre-condition that used to be true?

Namely, kids and family will stick with you and help you in your old age.

This pre-condition has been true for almost all of human history. But is it still true? Look around you.. Do you see any evidence for that belief being strong? If anything, this assumption has become more and more dubious in the last 60 odd years- especially in affluent societies.

There is no motivation or social structure to ensure that kids will take care of you, let alone live in the same city. Your wife could divorce you at 60.. Even if you were the best parent possible- your kids and family will very likely abandon or ignore you when you need them. Now add in feminism and woman friendly laws..

To put it simply.. family and kids are no longer a viable long-term option, as they USED to be. Often feel like I am repeatedly stating the obvious, but few like to talk about it.. so.

PS: If you believe that your wife will stick by you through thick and thin, tell her you quit your job or closed your business.

In the age of feminism and “feminine empowerment”- Marriage is expensive and poor quality prostitution with the same aging, lying and shifty-eyed whore.

Will write more depending on responses.


NSFW Links: Feb 24, 2011

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