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Why Lesser Anglo-Saxon Countries Have A Dark Future: 1

February 25, 2011 130 comments

I prefer to define lesser Anglo-Saxon countries as those countries which were used to dump poor and retarded anglo-saxons prior to WW2, namely Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In my opinion, their future is much dimmer than that of the USA.

The USA, for all its faults, is not seen by immigrants as a systemically racist society- as far as employment and business opportunities are concerned. In that respect, lesser Anglo-Saxon countries are demonstrably far more discriminatory to immigrants.

It is not widely appreciated that economic discrimination is likely to create far more nastier conflicts that the attitudes of uppity white women.

In Canada, both first generation and second generation non-whites make measurably less than their less-educated white peers. Canucks often try to rationalize this with all sort of bullshit explanation, but nobody who matters cares. White canucks are over represented in the baby-boomer generation and underrepresented in the younger generation (Gen Y- Millenials). Moreover the amount of economic activity necessary to maintain, let alone grow revenue collection, is starting to collapse as these baby boomers pass their maximum income (aka revenue) years and move into their collection (pensions, investments, healthcare) years.

Who is going to pay for them? Why should younger and more-educated nonwhites pay for passive aggressive racist sub-humans? Why not euthanize older Canucks- actively or passively? Why cooperate with their passive aggressive white progeny?

Moving on to Australia.. It is economically somewhat less suckier for immigrants than Canada- but the attitudes of its aging white population do not help their case. They too, like Canada, are overtly dependent on selling their natural resources to other countries- an activity with significant cyclicity. New Zealand is also far too dependent on selling its natural resources and tourism type activities. It appears that racism in NZ is also more similar to Canada (passive-aggressive) than Australia (more overt).

To make a long story short, neither of these three countries have the right socio-economic atmosphere to integrate non-white immigrants to the level where they would defend the system as insiders. As I have often said before, people can detect unfairness and will never fight for a system that is perceived to be treating them as second-class humans or worse.

I will write more based on responses.


CONservative and LIEbertarian Assault On The “Commons”

February 25, 2011 5 comments

CONservatives and LIEbertarians won’t be happy until they’ve destroyed any social institution that doesn’t function to create profits for corporations. From prisons to libraries, there have been institutions in our society that we hold “in common”. Public libraries, public schools, public safety (police and fire departments) even parks are all facing coordinated assaults on their very existence as public institutions. Corporations and their enablers (aka CONservatives and LIEbertarians) hate these things because people make use of them without enriching the economic elite. Hell, they don’t even believe you should be able to lend something you bought to a neighbor or friend.


Noted, Through Massive Self-Restraint, With Almost No Comment Whatsoever

February 25, 2011 5 comments

There is a new game on the Wii and PS3 called “We Dare”.

Park the Mario Kart, and throw your keys in the bowl

NSFW(ish) We Dare is a new game, for the Wii and PS3 and out later this year, that invites players to use motion-sensing consoles in a rather more adult way than previous titles. Gaming blog Kotaku, who spotted the forthcoming release, reckons it’s a sex party in a box, which isn’t as far from the truth as one might hope. We Dare certainly invites players to get physical with their remotes (PS3 players need the Move accessory), while rating their ability to administer a little light flagellation to their partner, or their partner’s partners as the slightly-NSFW promotional video demonstrates.

Here is the YouTube promo, and remember that there are links to 9 more R-rated clips at the end of this clip.

This is what we can do with hand-held controllers.. now think what is possible with Kinect, Windows 7 and user-hacks. I cannot wait to see some CONservatives start the whole “won’t anyone think of the children” crap.

Bonus Clip: