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The Significance of Göbekli Tepe

March 31, 2011 13 comments

An archeological site in Turkey, known as Göbekli Tepe, is currentely the oldest known archeological site with evidence of significant and prolonged construction activity by humans. Evidence suggests that it was some sort of religious/gathering place for people.

The real kicker- The site was built about 12,000 years ago, was active for over 3,000 years and then methodically covered up in the 8th millenia BC. Its excavation contradicted the then popular view that an established agricultural system was necessary for large-scale mobilization and co-operation amongst human beings. Archeological evidence from that site suggests that it was built at the very beginning of the transition from hunter-gatherer to agriculture based societies, as the remains of wild versions of cereals such as wheat have been found at that site.

Here is a YouTube Clip about that site.

and a few pictures that show the scale and detail of the buildings, which were constructed before what we consider ‘civilization’ existed. Note that each T-shaped pillar weighs about 40-60 tons.


NSFW Links: 30 Mar, 2011

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Who Built Pumapunku and Why?

March 30, 2011 7 comments

Some of you might have read about ancient astronaut theories and the probable effects of such encounters on early human history.

While I skeptical about some of the more far-fetched claims of its promoters, it is obvious that encounters between humans and space-faring aliens (or their technology) in ancient times is a pretty plausible explanation for why anthropomorphic “gods” or “divine creatures” in many faiths “live in the sky and visit earth occasionally”. Both ancient Sumerian stories about Oannes and Indian ones about Devas make far more sense if they were about aliens who visited earth.

Pumapunku is one the most peculiar archeological sites in S. America. It is a very large megalithic site in Bolivia, with a few oddities.

1. It is over 4,000 m above sea level.

2. The craftsmanship on the stones, as well as their size, necessitates a high level of organisation, technology and social structure.

3. There is no clearly obvious purpose behind its construction.

Why spend so much effort building something of such high quality in an unfavorable place with hard to work materials? Who would do such a thing and why? IMHO, the relative lack of clearly human figures is also a bit odd- given human ego.

Note that this complex is near the more well known remains of Tiwanaku– which is another enigma in its own right.

I can post pictures of some truly unusual looking ruins at Pumapunku- or you can google for pictures of that site.


Old School Ads from Swiss MTV

March 29, 2011 1 comment

Here are three examples of a Swiss print campaign encouraging people to use condoms. Rube Goldberg would be proud.

MTV Switzerland ads: ‘Sex is no accident. Always use a condom’


Ad # 1

Ad # 2

Ad # 3


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Did Roman Subjects Miss The Roman Empire?

March 29, 2011 9 comments

The reasons behind the Roman Empire’s fall, in mid-4th century AD, still engages aging and dying white historians. But seldom do they ask the question-

Did a majority of people living in that empire miss its demise?

You might be aware that life for the vast majority of people living in that empire (free or slave) was one unending saga of systematic exploitation, abuse and terror. Very few people, even among the roman aristocracy or other elite groups, truly benefited from the empire.

For everyone else- the empire was one giant parasite that took away the fruits of their labor for enterprises which seldom benefited them. In that respect, the Roman Empire was like every other empire in human history.

In the end, nobody cares about something that does not benefit them or treat them fairly.


NSFW Links: Mar 28, 2011

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More Karima

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Karima from ERROTICA Archives: Couchant Nudie Cuties

Karima from ERROTICA Archives: Fotelo NekkidCuties

Karima from ERROTICA Archives: Fotelo Nudie Cuties

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Censoring Cartoons and Movies Cannot Alter Reality

March 28, 2011 5 comments

Some of you might have seen a disturbing trend in the last decade, or so, regarding the depiction of ‘reality’ in media. Any major disasters lead to immediate censoring of fictional depictions of the event or those similar to it.

After 9/11- many movies, TV shows and cartoons tried to scrub all reference to the old WTC towers or the events of that day from their content. This was done to supposedly “respect” the memory of those killed on that day. I don’t buy that as images and video clips of the two planes slamming into the twin towers have been shown countless times on TV, in various documentaries, many election campaign ads and more than a few electoral pitches etc.

So why censor or scrub any reference to the old WTC towers from TV shows, cartoon episodes or movies? Reminds you of the “Ministry of Truth” from George Orwell’s dystopian story ‘1984‘- doesn’t it?

Now we hear that both past and future episodes of the animated series- The Simpsons, are being scrubbed or altered to ‘respect’ people victimized by the Fukushima Nuclear Fuckup. In case you have forgotten, ‘The Simpsons‘ is about a family whose breadwinner (Homer) is an incompetent worker in a poorly maintained nuclear power plant. Mishaps at the fictional nuclear power plant are an ongoing gag in that series.

When did we start believing that a cartoon series about a fictional boob working in a dilapidated nuclear power plant is offensive to the memory of people affected by the Fukushima Nuclear Fuckup. Is repeated viewing of YouTube clips of the 2011 Tsunami sweeping away entire towns respectful of the victims?

There is something very wrong about a society that pays much more attention to image than address problems based in reality.


Who Cares If Gandhi Was a Bisexual Racist?

March 28, 2011 8 comments

Some of you might have heard about a recent book on the life of Gandhi by Joseph Lelyveld. While he does not say that Gandhi was racist or bisexual, some of the material presented in the book suggests that Gandhi was no stranger to either behavior.

Many “newspapers” and aging CONservative britons have suggested that those and a few other moral failings are somehow noteworthy. While a briton laying any sort of claim to moral or intellectual superiority is laughable at best, it brings up a bigger question-

Does the personal morality of a person matter if it not alter his public persona to any significant degree?

Sure the guy had man crushes, liked enemas, sleeping naked/bathing with 14-17 something girls and a host of other things which are peculiar, if not outright weird. I personally think Gandhi would have made a good catholic priest as teen girls are a step up from pubescent boys.

He also saw black africans are lazy subhumans, but at least he was not involved in killing them. That fact in itself makes him better than over 99% of whites who ever lived in Africa.

While his other failings, prejudices, cowardice etc did hurt the Indian freedom struggle- those were distinct from his sexual practices and racial beliefs. Just as MLKs ‘love’ for white women does not make him any less of icon, neither does Gandhi’s weird sexuality lessen his impact on history.

Face it, both Gandhi and MLK were far less fucked up than the white men they stood up against.


Berlusconi Vs Your Average 70-something Man

March 27, 2011 3 comments

Many of you might have heard about the antics of Silvio Berlsuconi, but do you know that he was born in 1936 and is therefore over 74 years old.

It is obvious that he getting it up (through some concoction of drugs) and having a good time for a man of any age- let alone one in his mid-70s. So what is the difference between him and your average 70-something guy in a developed country? Why is your average 70-something guy not having the time of his life, like Silvio?

Many of you might think that his considerable wealth buys him medical advances not available to others. However that is simply not true- as anyone with a half decent income in a developed country can buy pde-5 inhibitors, testosterone gel, get a little nip-tuck, dress well, eat well (high protein, low carbs) and remain active.

So what is the difference between Berlusconi and your average 70-something guy?

I put it down to attitude and world view.

Your average 70-something man is a broken, whipped, brain-washed and miserable creature who does not believe that he deserves the type of lifestyle lived by Berlusconi. Access to things and services is immaterial if you don’t make use of them, either through ignorance or more tragically- conscious decision.

Ask your average 70-something guy if he wants to get it on with barely legal girls? Ask him if he wants to have sex parties, enjoy life and think/act like he is young again? In most cases- you will get a blank stare or unwillingness to do so for a number of reasons that have to do with his aging wife, his family, destroyed self-esteem and fatalism. Ironically, none of the relatives and acquaintances he supposedly cares so much for will return even a fraction of the consideration he gives them.

In this era of non-reciprocity, it is safe to assume that none of your relatives, social acquaintances or society itself are worth caring for. People who do so are stupid morons who deserve every deprivation, lost chance and scam that affects them.


PS: You can get 200-300$/hr escorts who look and perform as well as those enjoyed by Berlusconi.

NSFW Links: Mar 27, 2011

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Karima from ERROTICA Archives NekkidCuties

Karima from ERROTICA-Archives Nudie Cuties

Karima from ERROTICA Archives: Toppo NekkidCuties

Karima from ERROTICA Archives: Toppo Nudie Cuties

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Guest Post by Nestorius: All Mathematics Is Eventually Useful

March 26, 2011 5 comments

Xamuel says: “The formulas which the Compiler produces are so complicated that they are utterly useless.” While he is probably right today- that might change in the near future.

Why so?

Mathematics is a representation of all elements, sets, states and actions existing in the real world through unified symbols. 1, 4, +, x, y and > are all symbols belonging to the toolset of mathematics. Mathematics is effectively a parallel language to ‘normal’ languages, such as the one I am writing in now. So instead of saying two is equal to two, in mathematics it is 2=2.

There is a function of correspondence from the real world to the one of mathematics. A function in mathematics will often behave like something in the real world. Thus, three apples, three cars and three buildings in the real world correspond to 3 in the set of mathematics. Complicated examples from the real world also have their corresponding elements in the set of mathematics. A recursive function like {1,2,4,8,16,…,x(n-1)*2} has more than one corresponding analogue in the real world like cells dividing into two.

Because the real world is infinite, all formulas produced in the Formula Compiler designed by Xamuel have at least one corresponding element in the real world. And while now we might today be unaware of a system behaving in such a manner – that could and probably will change in the future.

That is why mathematicians are ahead of their time. They have found the simple elements of derived processes which exist in the real world.

Mathematicians are often not aware of the full implications and consequences of their own discoveries. Georg Cantor, for example, has discovered the function of the human brain without knowing it. Why? Because Set Theory contains the basic functions of the brain. Sets and elements are how the brain ‘sees’ the elements of the world. Language exists in the brain. In fact, language and perception to create it consume a significant amount of total brain function. Set theory, Mathematical Logic and Mathematical Linguistics are a systematic manner to describe the action of the brain. All we have to do is to test those formulas on the brain. That’s what I am aiming at in the near future.


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NSFW Links: Mar 24, 2011

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Discuss: Fate of Academia When The Government’s Revenue Base Declines?

March 24, 2011 2 comments

Academia, STEM and non-STEM alike, exist because governments can afford them and their members lend legitimacy to the ruling system. However this link between academia and government is a fairly recent one, and came into being post-ww2.

The post-ww2 era has also been marked by a number of other somewhat unique developments.. from post-ww2 baby booms, productivity increases and most importantly- a continuous increase in the revenue base of western governments. So What happens when the revenue base shrinks? What happens when obligations to certain groups have to be honored to preserve order?

My prediction: Given the now obvious worthlessness of education, crushing student debt, the plummeting respectability of academia, the secondary/ tertiary effects of internet connectivity and ‘austerity’ measures- it is unlikely that academia or universities can survive in their present form for more than a few years.

Some of you may disagree, and believe that academia will take decades to go down. However history suggests otherwise, as complex systems always collapse or implode rather quickly when they reach a tipping point. Don’t believe me? Look at how fast communism fell, the speed and unexpectedness of current uprisings in the ME, the decline of the music record industry, TV sitcoms, the pharmaceutical industry.

How many of you read blogs in 2005, conceived of the iPhone in 2006, believed that google would be what it is now in 2001? Would you have ever believed that facebook, twitter and social media would be what they are now in 2006? Would you have believed the kinect would retail for 150$ in 2008? Seriously, how many of you believed that obama could win the presidency in 2007? or that he would be a corporate sellout after he won in 2008?


The Real Reason Academic Tenure should be Abolished

March 23, 2011 10 comments

Many CONservatives and LIEbertarians would like to see academic tenure abolished for a number of reasons. They range from ‘personal ideology’, ‘productivity’ to ‘entitlement’. However they reflect ideological conflict and power/control issues, rather than objectivity. In my opinion there is a much better and objective reason to abolish academic tenure. It is based on exposing a peculiar and loathsome aspect of academia- overwhelming hypocrisy.

Academic tenure was created to ensure that academics could hold and profess unpopular beliefs. It is conceptually similar to the life-long appointments of some judges in the justice system. However conferring academic tenure on a person makes the implicit, but unspoken, assumption that such a person is ‘fairer and more just’ than the average guy on the street.

But is that the case?

Many academics, especially in certain fields such as medical research, train many graduate students and postdocs with the full knowledge that there are no decent or stable jobs for them. I would further argue that they either CON or exploit everybody who works for them while paying them as little as is humanely possible.

To put it another way- academics behave in a manner that would shame Wal-Mart, Best Buy, 7-11, Office Depot etc. Academia has many non-white students and postdocs for the same reason factory farms and landscapers employ mexicans- cheap, disposable and often indentured labor.

Academics criticizing corporations is similar to Nazis criticizing the treatment of blacks in 1930-era USA.

Such subhuman hypocrites have no right to demand stable lifetime employment, and should be treated in the same way they treat people who work for them-like disposable crap.


Why Scientists are Losers: 1

March 23, 2011 14 comments

I am willing to say something that most scientists will never say, let alone admit to themselves:

Scientists are losers.

They are losers, not only in the more conventional sense of the word, but in a much more generic way. Here are my reaso

1. Scientists are losers first and foremost because most of them are functionally autistic.

I realized this fact when it became apparent to me that befriending and interacting with people who were not in STEM fields was much easier than those who were in such fields. Who wants to be surrounded with autistic people engaged in a constant and pathetic game of one-upmanship or incessant discussion about their obsessions? No sane person will, or should care, about such losers.

2. There is a huge gap between their achievements (or lack thereof) and their bloated and fragile egos.

The vast majority of scientists have not made any significant discovery or come up with an earth-shattering insight, yet they act as if they have made a major contribution towards the advancement of humankind. Ironically, those who have actually done that are often very down-to-earth people. Who cares about a pompous moron with a Ph.D, regardless of the institution from where it was obtained or their “pedigree? Let their work speak for itself.

3. They spend inordinate amounts of time and effort in zero-sum behaviors.

Most scientists spend too much time engaged in petty schoolgirl-type rivalries and politics amongst themselves. Why would any intelligent person expend so much effort and energy for such meager rewards? I can see people fighting over jobs and opportunities which pay much significantly more, but the vast majority of scientists make less than twice the median wage in developed countries.

4. They preach SWPL ideals and fairness, but do not practice them in their own lives.

Scientists talk a lot about fairness, decent behavior, giving opportunity, objectivity etc. But their personal behavior is in direct opposition to such lofty ideals. They will try to exploit and abuse students, postdocs, other researchers… well pretty much everyone they interact with on a professional level. Scientists make politicians and banksters look less hypocritical in comparison.

5. They suffer from the delusion of knowledge.

Scientists throughout the ages have been mostly wrong about pretty much everything, but few have the ability to even admit that they may not know enough- let alone be wrong. The willingness to admit that current knowledge is incomplete drives science forward — otherwise, science are no better than religion. Furthermore, many scientists derive their livelihood from being paid or unpaid shills for various causes and worldviews. Nobody likes a shill, especially one who is autistic, petty, pompous, hypocritical and delusional.

What do you think? Comments?