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He Has a Point: Charlie Sheen

March 1, 2011 13 comments

As many of you might have heard, Charlie Sheen is making the rounds of the interview circuit after some highly publicized incidents in the last few months. While some of you might think he is nuts, I tend to see him as different rather than abnormal.

He has his passions.. hookers, drugs, women etc. But face it- If you could get away with what he can would you not live and act like he does?

It is far better to be a guy like him than some pussy-whipped wimp begging for forgiveness. Have you noticed that he has no shortage of women willing to fuck him, have his kids and treat him nicely even though he treats them as replaceable pussies.

Oh ya.. the video link may has to watched on the YouTube website because of some parasites at ABC.


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Why Care About the Future, Long-Term and Legacy

March 1, 2011 4 comments

OK, here is a question that I have previously asked in other forms..

Why care about the future, long-term or your legacy?

Have you ever considered that any real willingness to work towards a future goal, or give a shit about the future, requires you to believe in the following-

a. The feasibility of your future goal- remember ‘feasibility’ not ‘sure thing’.

b. A realistic expectation that you will not be totally ripped off on the way to achieving your goal, or after achieving it.

c. The realistic expectation that you will be cared for if you fail to achieve your goal, inspite of your best efforts.

d. That most others care about your dedication to achieving that goal and will reward you in some way.

e. That you will spend most of your time working towards that goal, rather than fending of backstabbers and saboteurs.

While many naive indoctrinated men worked towards goals that were not beneficial to them in previous eras, modern communication and connectivity have made it much harder for the non-stupid to be misled.