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NSFW Links: Mar 5, 2011

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These links are NSFW.

Jenya D from MetArt: Simivis NekkidCuties

Jenya D from MetArt: Simivis Nudie Cuties

Jenya D from MetArt: Mermaid NekkidCuties

Jenya D from MetArt: Mermaid Nudie Cuties

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Discuss: Do Universities Owe Their Students A Decent Job Placement?

March 5, 2011 5 comments

We often hear about the rising cost and growing uselessness of university education- at ALL levels. Sadly many people are effectively forced to attend universities because of the nature of pro-university education propaganda and its enablers, combined with the lack of decent stable job options amongst those in their 20s and 30s.

So here is my question-

Given that society and universities are effectively selling you a product (degree, certification or “education”) that is NOT free, or in many cases not even subsidized- are they then not obliged to be responsible for the product to function as implicitly advertised?

Legalism, shaming, sophism are the crutches of a corrupt and extermination-worthy elite. The reality is that they are almost forcing/ conning you into buying a product which does not work as advertised.

Would you not seek compensation for a new car that was a lemon? What about a house that was built of demonstrably substandard materials? What about a drug that kills more people than it purportedly benefits? What about obvious medical malpractice?

Why is education, as it is currently offered, any different?


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What The Fraud of “Sacredness” Tells Us About The Indian Pysche

March 5, 2011 5 comments

I am certainly not the first to point out one of the most glaring examples of cognitive dissonance in traditional-minded Indians.

Everything but the life, welfare and humanity of other Indians is sacred to them.

They don’t eat meat because it is supposedly cruel to kill animals, but have no sympathy or empathy for starving or malnourished Indians. They will spend money on religious ceremonies to please some deity, but will ignore the poverty of people who could benefit from that money. They will never shut up about the moral superiority of their culture but mistreat and exploit other Indians without missing a beat. I can go on, but you see the point..

Note that extreme hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance are not unique to Indians, and indeed much of my critique can be applied to other groups- especially whites and east-asians. It is the extent and effort which Indians put into the scam which makes them stand out from other groups.

The question is- WHY?

Why do something that takes a lot of effort and is easily seen by others and fraudulent and disingenuous. It is also peculiar that many Indians who act in this manner are aware that others see them as frauds, fucktards and sociopaths. I have a theory about the basis of the behavior to be the subject of a future post, involving solipsism of the feminized Indian male mind.

But feel free to tell me what you think about this subject