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NSFW Links: Mar 14, 2011

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These links are NSFW.

Lola from Errotica Archives: Slick and Sexy NekkidCuties

Lola from Errotica Archives: Slick and Sexy Nudie Cuties

Lola from Errotica Archives: Water Tap NekkidCuties

Lola from Errotica Archives: Water Tap Nudie Cuties

Lola from Errotica Archives: Cathedra NekkidCuties

Lola from Errotica Archives: Cathedra Nudie Cuties



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A Collection of 2011 Tsunami Clips

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An assorted collection of YouTube clips from various impact points of the 2011 tsunami. If any of you believe that “western” or “american” civil engineering could survive against this, I want to sell you a bridge.

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Maybe more in another post.


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Are Foreign Rescue Teams in Disaster Zones Showboaters?

March 14, 2011 7 comments

Most of you might have seen pictures of impressively dressed rescue teams from western countries on their way to help Japan in the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami-earthquake. The media spares no effort in presenting these people as ‘genuine’ heroes.

I, however, see them as showboaters.

Here is my explanation-

1. Most people trapped in fallen buildings or swept in the ocean WILL die within two days, if they are not rescued by then. While a few lucky ones might survive for longer, the majority require immediate rescue by locals.

2. The average time to suit up a white team, take publicity shots and pretend to help takes over 48 hours. Therefore the vast majority of victims cannot possibly benefit from the impressive gear and uniforms.

3. Unless they have experience working with similar equipment, terrain, structures or can understand the local language- their presence is a liability to the host nation.

4. In contrast to such showboaters, western countries seldom offer genuinely useful assistance such as bottled water, autonomous water purification systems, antibiotics, medical supplies, MRE type food items, LED flashlights.. heck even batteries.

To summarize my rant- western countries aid to disaster stricken places is mostly showboating. It is about vigorously stroking your ego, rather than doing anything truly useful.


Why Hate People Who Have Many Kids?

March 14, 2011 12 comments

I have seen a tendency amongst many people to hate or condemn those who have many kids. I simply do not understand such behavior.

Let me explain-

I am not interested in having kids because of their negative impact on my lifestyle- plus child support is expensive.

However I do not resent somebody who wants to have kids for satisfying some instinct or “filling a void” in their life. That is their choice and as long as we both can choose our paths- it is fine by me. I do not support somebody deciding whether someone else is fit to have kids or not.

Human history clearly shows that people who have unconstrained power over others become tyrants and mass murderers irrespective of era, nation, race. I would rather take my chances in a world with more ‘welfare moms’ than some credentialed tyrant inhabiting a zero-sum mental world.