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The Difference Between Socialism and Fascism

March 15, 2011 14 comments

It seems that many people, especially Americans, cannot tell the difference between Socialism and Fascism.

Read some of the comments in one of FBs recent posts: This is What is Wrong with America by individuals such as ‘The Fifth Horseman’, Cpt. Capitalism, J. H. Bowden, Sparks123, Nutz and other assorted morons. The gist of their argument is that governments are often captured by special interests and pre-existing money, hence small government is good and socialism = big government.

Let us, for a minute, ignore the fact that NO developed country has small government- unlike many dysfunctional and anarchic places. Concentrate on the assumption of socialism = big government = captured by pre-existing money.

Now, I will agree that socialism is almost always equivalent to big government and some forms of big governments do indeed work for the established rich. However we have another name for big governments which are captured by the rich… ever heard of fascism?

The CONservative concept of socialism is in reality- fascism aka socialism for the rich and capitalism for everyone else. In case you still have not figured it- the USA went down the path of fascism in the late 1970s-early 1980s.

Don’t believe me? Consider the following-

1. Powerful and continuing nationalism (USA! USA!)

2. Disdain for the recognition of human rights/usurping human rights (kill those muslims, atheists, liberals)

3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as unifying causes for the population. (It is those blacks, mexicans, jews etc)

4. Supremacy of the military, police or mercenary groups. (“law and order”, paramilitary-style police, blackwater)

5. Controlled mass-media (need I say more?)

6. Obsession with national security (terrorists!!)

7. Religion and government are intertwined (CONservative religiosity)

8. Corporate power is protected (that would be a series of articles in itself)
9. the government is male dominated (sexism)

10. Labor power and unions are suppressed (you are talking class warfare..)

11. Disdain for the intellectuals (we know that jebus’s dad made the earth in 6K BC)

12. Obsession with crimes and punishment (need I say more?)

13. Rampant cronyism and corruption (most political leaders, businessmen are related/linked to each other)

14. Fraudulent elections (democrat or republican?)

So you see- what CONservatives mistake for “socialism” in the USA is actually fascism. Socialism is what exists in western Europe and East Asia, not the USA. Get it?