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NSFW Links: Mar 28, 2011

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These links are NSFW.

More Karima

Karima from ERROTICA Archives: Couchant NekkidCuties

Karima from ERROTICA Archives: Couchant Nudie Cuties

Karima from ERROTICA Archives: Fotelo NekkidCuties

Karima from ERROTICA Archives: Fotelo Nudie Cuties

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Censoring Cartoons and Movies Cannot Alter Reality

March 28, 2011 5 comments

Some of you might have seen a disturbing trend in the last decade, or so, regarding the depiction of ‘reality’ in media. Any major disasters lead to immediate censoring of fictional depictions of the event or those similar to it.

After 9/11- many movies, TV shows and cartoons tried to scrub all reference to the old WTC towers or the events of that day from their content. This was done to supposedly “respect” the memory of those killed on that day. I don’t buy that as images and video clips of the two planes slamming into the twin towers have been shown countless times on TV, in various documentaries, many election campaign ads and more than a few electoral pitches etc.

So why censor or scrub any reference to the old WTC towers from TV shows, cartoon episodes or movies? Reminds you of the “Ministry of Truth” from George Orwell’s dystopian story ‘1984‘- doesn’t it?

Now we hear that both past and future episodes of the animated series- The Simpsons, are being scrubbed or altered to ‘respect’ people victimized by the Fukushima Nuclear Fuckup. In case you have forgotten, ‘The Simpsons‘ is about a family whose breadwinner (Homer) is an incompetent worker in a poorly maintained nuclear power plant. Mishaps at the fictional nuclear power plant are an ongoing gag in that series.

When did we start believing that a cartoon series about a fictional boob working in a dilapidated nuclear power plant is offensive to the memory of people affected by the Fukushima Nuclear Fuckup. Is repeated viewing of YouTube clips of the 2011 Tsunami sweeping away entire towns respectful of the victims?

There is something very wrong about a society that pays much more attention to image than address problems based in reality.


Who Cares If Gandhi Was a Bisexual Racist?

March 28, 2011 8 comments

Some of you might have heard about a recent book on the life of Gandhi by Joseph Lelyveld. While he does not say that Gandhi was racist or bisexual, some of the material presented in the book suggests that Gandhi was no stranger to either behavior.

Many “newspapers” and aging CONservative britons have suggested that those and a few other moral failings are somehow noteworthy. While a briton laying any sort of claim to moral or intellectual superiority is laughable at best, it brings up a bigger question-

Does the personal morality of a person matter if it not alter his public persona to any significant degree?

Sure the guy had man crushes, liked enemas, sleeping naked/bathing with 14-17 something girls and a host of other things which are peculiar, if not outright weird. I personally think Gandhi would have made a good catholic priest as teen girls are a step up from pubescent boys.

He also saw black africans are lazy subhumans, but at least he was not involved in killing them. That fact in itself makes him better than over 99% of whites who ever lived in Africa.

While his other failings, prejudices, cowardice etc did hurt the Indian freedom struggle- those were distinct from his sexual practices and racial beliefs. Just as MLKs ‘love’ for white women does not make him any less of icon, neither does Gandhi’s weird sexuality lessen his impact on history.

Face it, both Gandhi and MLK were far less fucked up than the white men they stood up against.