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Old School Ads from Swiss MTV

March 29, 2011 1 comment

Here are three examples of a Swiss print campaign encouraging people to use condoms. Rube Goldberg would be proud.

MTV Switzerland ads: ‘Sex is no accident. Always use a condom’


Ad # 1

Ad # 2

Ad # 3


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Did Roman Subjects Miss The Roman Empire?

March 29, 2011 9 comments

The reasons behind the Roman Empire’s fall, in mid-4th century AD, still engages aging and dying white historians. But seldom do they ask the question-

Did a majority of people living in that empire miss its demise?

You might be aware that life for the vast majority of people living in that empire (free or slave) was one unending saga of systematic exploitation, abuse and terror. Very few people, even among the roman aristocracy or other elite groups, truly benefited from the empire.

For everyone else- the empire was one giant parasite that took away the fruits of their labor for enterprises which seldom benefited them. In that respect, the Roman Empire was like every other empire in human history.

In the end, nobody cares about something that does not benefit them or treat them fairly.