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NSFW Links: 30 Mar, 2011

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These links are NSFW.

Tied down- face down ass up.

Spread Eagle Cuties: Mar 30, 2011 NekkidCuties

Spread Eagle Cuties: Mar 30, 2011 Nudie Cuties

More Spread Eagle Cuties: Mar 30, 2011 NekkidCuties

More Spread Eagle Cuties: Mar 30, 2011 Nudie Cuties



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Who Built Pumapunku and Why?

March 30, 2011 7 comments

Some of you might have read about ancient astronaut theories and the probable effects of such encounters on early human history.

While I skeptical about some of the more far-fetched claims of its promoters, it is obvious that encounters between humans and space-faring aliens (or their technology) in ancient times is a pretty plausible explanation for why anthropomorphic “gods” or “divine creatures” in many faiths “live in the sky and visit earth occasionally”. Both ancient Sumerian stories about Oannes and Indian ones about Devas make far more sense if they were about aliens who visited earth.

Pumapunku is one the most peculiar archeological sites in S. America. It is a very large megalithic site in Bolivia, with a few oddities.

1. It is over 4,000 m above sea level.

2. The craftsmanship on the stones, as well as their size, necessitates a high level of organisation, technology and social structure.

3. There is no clearly obvious purpose behind its construction.

Why spend so much effort building something of such high quality in an unfavorable place with hard to work materials? Who would do such a thing and why? IMHO, the relative lack of clearly human figures is also a bit odd- given human ego.

Note that this complex is near the more well known remains of Tiwanaku– which is another enigma in its own right.

I can post pictures of some truly unusual looking ruins at Pumapunku- or you can google for pictures of that site.