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Discuss: Is Hoarding Money A Mental Disease?

April 1, 2011 27 comments

Hoarding anything beyond what you can possibly use under the most far-fetched assumptions is considered a mental disorder. We all know, and snicker at, people who hoard things.

So why do most people worship those who hoard money?

While anyone could use a few million, does your quality or duration of life improve if you have more money than that? In the world we live in, there is no objectively measurable or quantifiable parameter of good living that keeps on increasing after your net worth exceeds a few million dollars in usable money.

Even a Saudi prince uses the same iPhone 4 that I do, the fastest usable cars max out at 3-something seconds for a 0-60mph (0-100 kmph) acceleration, billionaires get old.. take the same drugs and do not outlive your typical upper middle-class person.

It made some sense to be filthy rich and powerful in previous eras when peasants had harsh, insecure and dirt poor lives. Being a feudal lord, nobility, king etc did allow you to enjoy things, conveniences and lifestyles few others had.

But that was then..

In our age, technology has caused massive deflation in the relative cost of things and services. There is no rational reason to do what was once custom- other than tradition or habit. It is obvious that human behavior and customs have not adjusted to this new reality.

Some of you might say that rich people use money as a counter of their self-worth. But then again, serial killers also use their victim count as a counter of their self-worth. We do not condone and forgive serial killers for doing something that is disruptive to everyone else- so why not apply that same standard to the rich.

PS: The rich and businesses do not create jobs- link 1, link 2.