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Why Blacks Are Not Interested In Having White Friends

April 2, 2011 19 comments

Have you ever wondered about the “why” behind lack of black interest in having white friends or reciprocating at white overtures of friendship? The short version is-

Nobody wants to befriend someone who is very likely untrustworthy or prejudiced against you.

To put it in another way- There is no reason to waste time on reciprocating friendliness, if the chance of a given person treating you as an equal human being is less than a certain percentage. This can take two forms..

1. Phony extermination-worthy losers like ‘real’ canuks and SWPL-types have high rates of disingenuity. They are therefore utterly untrustworthy. To a lesser extent- this is also true for Scandinavians and West-Europeans.

2. Openly bigoted CONservative and LIEbertarian scum are too stupid to be befriend. While they are more honest about their attitudes towards others, they lack the ability to correct their bigotry even if they see extensive evidence to the contrary.

So you see- no person with self-respect wants to be friends with phony feminized scum or bigoted losers who treat others as less than human.


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Did Civilization Start More Than Once?

April 2, 2011 9 comments

Most people think that civilization, as commonly understood, started some 5-6 k years (3-4 k BC) ago in the region stretching from Egypt to India (based on excavations in Egypt, Near East and India). Almost everyone also agrees that there was a proto-civilization phase of about 1-2 k years preceding that date.

We often forget that anatomically modern human beings, with the familiar trappings of religion, rituals, burials, art, high quality stone tools etc, have existed in those regions for over 50 k years. However the range of human beings was severely limited by the last ice age, which started to recede at various times ranging from 18k years to 10k years (based on location). Certain northerly regions in Asia (parts of Siberia) were habitable even earlier (20 k-ish) or never became uninhabitable.

Given the human propensity to build settlements near the ocean or rivers, it is possible that many early settlements are now under 50 meters of water, from seal level increases since the last ice age ended. Since marine archeological studies of areas lacking significant historical importance are usually not performed- there is a distinct possibility that many sites with evidence of human inhabitation or proto-civilization are unknown and undocumented.

Just to be clear– I am not talking about an ‘Atlantis’ level of civilization. Think of something along the lines of the Akkadian Empire, Early Dynastic Period in Egypt or Early Harrapan levels?

What do you think? Comments?