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NSFW Links: Apr 3, 2011

April 3, 2011 3 comments

These links are NSFW.

Here are two links to help you understand the range of women that turn me on. Click on thumbnails for larger sized picture.

Tumblr: More White Meat

Tumblr: More Dark Meat

As you can see- I have a variety of tastes.


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Has High Quality and Ubiquitous Porn Already Changed ‘Gen Y’ Men?

April 3, 2011 17 comments

I have previously written about the effect of High Quality (HQ) porn on men in two posts- Porn Replaces Relationship Sex and Why Online Porn Is A Game Changer. The question posed in this post is along those lines.

Has high quality and ubiquitous porn already changed ‘Gen Y’ men?

Sexual likes, fetishes, attitudes and world views are often formed in adolescence and early adulthood. The children of baby boomers are the first generation that grew up with ubiquitous and high quality porn during that crucial formative period. I myself went from old-style porn in my early adolescence to ubiquitous high quality porn by my late teens.

Previous generations of men in human history, at best, had non-ubiquitous access to low quality porn. That is no longer the case.. Even a basement dwelling guy can now enjoy more visual stimulation than sultans, kings and emperors from previous eras. Moreover, many developed countries now have relatively inexpensive and safe escorts- or you can travel to places that have them.

From my own experience, I can say that- My porn + escorts + available flings lifestyle could not have been possible in a previous era, even the early 1990s. Between porn and escorts, I can essentially ignore suboptimal women.

Many old-timer escort users are very impressed with the quality, low-cost and willingness of the current generation of talent. Wonder why things changed for the better? Did you know that escorts in the late 1980s charged 300$/hour and let you come just once. After 30 years, they are 200-something $/per hour and let you come as many times as you can or want. Condom-less BJs and french kissing (but not condom-less penetrative sex) are now standard.

Many of my more kinkier demands were both reinforced and facilitated by porn. For example- I would not have spanked so many women, made them take it up the ass, had threesomes or demanded rimming, teabagging etc without the ready availability of porn that normalized it. This change in the availability of non-traditional sexual content and opportunities has coincided with the evils unleashed by feminism (hypergamy, political correctness, sexual harassment, obesity, family court, divorce laws). There are fewer and fewer men left who still want to play by the old rules. I certainly do not want to.. do you?

Throughout human history, women had one principal leverage over men- the possibility of sex. However this leverage requires some preconditions-

a. Acceptable and competitive sexual attractiveness.

b. Reasonable availability of mediocre sex.

c. Stigma on fapping.

d. Life-long livelihoods for men.

e. Laws that were not generally unfavorable to men.

As some of you have probably figured out- all those preconditions are in tatters. While older generation of men are still trying to resurrect the dying ways and mores, it appears that the younger generation of men who were exposed to ubiquitous HQ porn, new sexual opportunities and the negative effects of feminism are not playing by the old rules and expectations.

I believe that HQ and ubiquitous porn is the main ingredient precipitating this change. It is one thing to see a professional occasionally take it up the ass. However being able to see an unlimited number of professionals and amateurs do anything and everything at your convenience and whim is something without parallel in human history. Remember you can always find an amateur who looks much better than your woman and is doing stuff that your woman refuses or sucks at. The very existence of such information is as disruptive than the acts or body parts depicted in any photo or video clip.

It is unlikely that such a major change in the sexual opportunity, availability and information scene won’t affect human behavior or attitudes.

What do you think? Comments?

Discuss: What Is Behind The Supposed Non-Attractiveness of Black Women?

April 3, 2011 23 comments

I keep on hearing one funny and pathetic meme from various men, especially brown ones.

Black women are less attractive than non-black women.

Here is my counter question-

What do men find attractive in women?

In my opinion, men are universally attracted to a proportioned and youthful looking woman with a reasonably symmetrical face and clear, healthy skin. It also helps if the woman has a feminine attitude.

Let us break down the components..

A proportioned body means one that is curvy and feminine because most men like to fuck someone who looks like a woman, not a man. Therefore a small boned slender woman is just as attractive as a big-boned women with ass and tits, because they both look like women- rather than men. They key is proportion and ratios.

Youth is important for men because young women typically look hotter than older women. Cougars appear pathetic precisely because they are no longer hot- and it shows. Facial symmetry and a smooth tight skin are also desirable because they look and feel good.

So where does race fit into this? You can find women who fulfill all those attributes in any race. I have never found an attractive naked escort of any race to be physically undesirable.

If they make your dick hard, they are alright.

Attitude can be a deal breaker. In my opinion western white women and money-hungry asian bitches have the worst attitudes, followed by east-indian princesses. Unless you are dealing with someone from the projects, or full of herself, the overall attitude of black women is not particularly offensive- though latinas and east-europeans are more desirable.

Let us now talk about the real reason some men, especially brown ones, don’t “see” black women as attractive.

It comes down to social approval. Many men, especially brown and yellow ones, are not mentally masculine enough to do what they like. Look at their choices in careers, cars and clothes. Do you notice a pattern? They spend too much time pleasing others and absorbing their viewpoints rather than being their own man.

The way I see it-

I find hot women of all races attractive. I prefer to judge women on the strength of the erection they give me rather than their skin color or race. How many of those who consider black women as unattractive have been with a non-ugly black woman? I know what I am talking about..

You can choose social approval, I want passionate kinky sex with attractive women of any race. And I know this because I had a nice hour-long session with one this morning.