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Why East-Asian Women Are Repulsive

April 4, 2011 65 comments

Some of you have commented about my known dislike for East-Asian women. Here is the ‘why’ behind that opinion.

It is not that I find east-asian women unattractive. Their mind, mentality and behavior is however supremely repulsive.

East-Asian women are the most greedy, vain, controlling, untrustworthy, superficial and generally sociopathic group of women I have ever seen. They make N. American-born white women look good by comparison.

Nerdy white guys end up with an Asian women because-

He represents an external status upgrade and easily manipulatable schlep for her. She represents the closest thing to a non-ugly cunt he can put his dick in, and show off to other men.

They are not deserving of any positive attention.