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NSFW Links: Apr 10, 2011

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These links are NSFW.

Finally a blue-eyed, thin blonde.. included for satisfying diversity requirements šŸ˜‰

Penina from FemJoy: Introduction NekkidCuties

Penina from FemJoy: Introduction Nudie Cuties

Sarah A from MetArt: Silenzia NekkidCuties

Sarah A from MetArt: Silenzia Nudie Cuties

Sandra from MPL Studios: Playday NekkidCuties

Sandra from MPL Studios: Playday Nudie Cuties


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Discuss: Why Do Even Mediocre Whites Have An “Attitude”?

April 10, 2011 12 comments

Have you noticed something odd about people in western countries, especially whites?

Even those with mediocre (and lower) incomes, jobs, intelligence and lives act as if they are special and important.

I support a very high level of basic dignity for any human being, but such behavior is odd and bizzare. In most countries, even those of fairly high social status are often less full of themselves and more friendly than average morons in the west.

I find this inability or unwillingness to connect to other human beings odd, especially since a significant number of people in western countries are neither poor or needy- nor are violent crime rates high. Many other traditional reasons to be cautious of strangers or casual acquaintances are also not relevant in the west.

While everyone requires their personal space, average mediocre white morons require a bit too much of it to be explained by reason.

My candidate for the reason behind this odd behavior is- ego.

Only a fragile ego, and self-doubt, could make people so self-centered and unreceptive to unexpected interactions. It is as if they don’t want hear that they are only human.. or they see ALL human interactions in a commercial light.

PS: It is not an effect of living in big cities as people in non-western big cities do acknowledge the existence of other frequently seen humans.


Behind The Continued Poor Governance in India

April 10, 2011 10 comments

Ever wonder why there is still so much corruption, poor planning, inefficiency, malnutrition and other manifestations of poor governance in India?

It is meant to be that way.

Got it? Yes.. it is intentional. It has little to do with democracy, IQ, caste, cultural norms or any other of the myriad excuses offered for the abysmal governance seen in India.

Let me explain that concept in some detail. Throughout history, India rarely lacked the human and material resources for prosperity. Indeed, most of India had a reasonably stable and prosperous existence from at least 300 BC to 10-13th century AD. Sure, it was a period with much stagnation- but the living standard and quality of life for your average person was pretty good, especially when compared to so-called “high IQ” parts of the world like Europe, China and much of the Middle East. Read accounts of travelers from China and the Middle East during that period and you do not see much talk of poverty, dishonesty or bad governance.

So what happened?

Muslim incursions from the 11-12th century onwards, reaching their maxima in the 1500s, created a lot of strife and problems in India. However the most unfortunate legacy of muslims in India was their effect of the structure of governance.

Prior to muslim invasions of India, the ‘governor’ and ‘governed’ had similar interests and a symbiotic relationship. The relationship between muslims and non-muslims in India, unfortunately, had far more similarity to that between a parasite and its host. Moreover, many of the more sociopathic Indians collaborated with muslims in furthering this exploitation.

Therefore, the relationship between the ‘governor’ and the ‘governed’ became one between a voracious sociopathic parasite and an unwilling host. Even Hindu kings and regents from later eras, with a few exceptions, ruled in this mould. The ‘governors’ always wanted to keep the ‘governed’ as poor, insecure and miserable as possible.

The British took over from the local feudal lords during a collapse in the Indian political scene in the late 1700s. They also recruited the very same people who had played ‘governors’ in earlier eras- thereby perpetuating the abusive nature of governance. In any case, they were merely interested in extracting revenue, resources and gold from India.

Many people believe that the Indian freedom movements were led by people who wanted a modernized India. The reverse is true- as the majority of those who led India’s freedom struggle were sons and daughters of the old elite who were unhappy about the British stealing their birthright to exploit, abuse and pauperize average Indians.

So when India got its independence in 1947 (because of the “effects” of ww2 on Britain) the direction of governance was regressive- apart from some modernization meant to benefit the old elites and their underlings. The political leadership and administrative scum got what they always wanted.. their old fiefdoms.

Therefore any real change in India will require many dead politicians and death camps for ALL non-entry level bureaucrats. China partially achieved this as an unintended consequence of their cultural revolution.


Agriculture and Technology Causes Hubris

April 10, 2011 4 comments

Reading about the fall of various human civilizations and popular delusions of dying white men gives one a peculiar perspective on what humans think about themselves and their capabilities- throughout history.

The short version is-

1. Humans vastly overestimate their ability to influence the natural world.

2. Such overestimation of their abilities derives from whatever little progress they have made in agriculture and technology.

3. It ends, and is bound to end, in tragedy- for humans.

The longer version is-

Smaller and less complex systems are at the mercy of larger and more complex systems, not vice versa. On that scale the entire endeavor of human civilization and technology, including ‘white’ self-delusions, are puny and pathetic when compare to what exists on earth- never mind what is beyond it.

Remember that viruses and parasites need their host, not vice versa.

In my opinion, puny human achievements in agriculture, animal husbandry and technology have given many morons, especially ‘white’ ones, the delusion that we can control our environment. However the human sense of scale is limited by the size of our bodies, brains and lifespans.

Belief in the human ability to control their destiny through their abilities is more pathetic that a few dung eating insects near the asshole of an elephant claiming to control the entire savanna landscape, through their conscious actions.

Do you really think that human civilization could survive or avoid a comet-type impact event, return to ice-age conditions or even a moderate but prolonged change in solar activity? All of the three previous events have occurred in the past with some frequency. Heck, even a few massive volcanic eruptions could shut down human civilization for good.

It is doubtful if humans, in their current form, could even survive themselves.

The ability to grow and harvest corn with machines and chemicals, fish in large mechanized trawlers, raise and slaughter farm animals, build factories and large buildings, purify water etc give humans the false impression that they control reality. As I have previously said, all of this appears impressive because of the scale of our bodies, kinds and lifespans.

We ignore the hidden, but much larger, variables which allow our pathetic tinkering to work.

It is those much larger and largely hidden variables which can make or break things. But humans are too stupid to appreciate that.