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Discuss: Why Do Indians, Or Anybody Else, Have Cultural Pride?

April 13, 2011 8 comments

Growing up, one question always bothered me-

Why do Indians exhibit any pride in their culture?

What is there to be proud about? It kills and maims its believers through vegetarianism, apathy, pettiness, inferiority complexes and generally encourages its own to treat each other with less decency than exhibited towards animals.

But here is the twist in this post..

Virtually all cultures have similar characteristics in that they take pride in and justify incompetence, stupidity, greed, taboos, lack of basic human decency and a host of other objectively undesirable behaviors/ attitudes.

Ancient Greek cultures justified all manner of barbarity and stupidity under the veneer of ‘civilization’. Ancient Chinese culture justified totalitarianism, legalism and had a rather dismal attitude towards the value of human life. Ancient Roman culture was about slavery, genocide, murder, rape, lying etc.

Medieval and modern cultures are no different. While I can write detailed accounts of the venality, stupidity and damage caused by each culture- I will cut to the point.

Every single instance of culture in human history has been marked by a lowering or elimination of standards in all areas of civil society.

Culture is the antithesis of progress, humanity, innovation and everything positive about human beings. Any improvement in the human condition therefore necessitates the destruction of all versions of culture and its ardent followers.

Let me illustrate this point with a contemporary example- American Culture.

We are concerned about swear words and public nudity, but encourage depictions of people being killed or maimed. We talk about law and order, when it is obvious that both those systems are broken and corrupted beyond repair. We talk about justice and fairness while simultaneously imprisoning more people than any other nation on earth, both by numbers and percentage. We all repeat ‘Horatio Alger‘ type stories, while trying to make the system as unfair as possible.

We talk about honor, duty and commitment only to turn around and screw the suckers who believed in it. We support one of the two parties- both of whom work for the same group against us. We have supposedly objective and knowledgeable experts who are neither. Once again, I can go on- but you get my point.

Belief in culture, rather than the type you believe in, is the problem.

So stop seeing any culture as beneficial or worth striving for, because it is almost certain that you won’t benefit from it. Do things because they are rational, make you happy or are in your best interests.


FYI: Apr 13, 2011

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I am getting thousands of hits (over 10,000 today) for a post about Stephanie Seymour and her son.

Interesting Dilemma: Stephanie Seymour and her Son

Any ideas about reasons behind this sudden burst of interest in an aging supermodel? Maybe it has something to do with this- Suffers Another Security Breach?


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Video Games and High Quality Porn Will Displace Sports As Male Entertainment

April 13, 2011 11 comments

Many of you have seen pathetic displays of devotion to sports related entertainment by men. Most of you also believe that such devotion will not go away anytime soon.

I have news for you..

It will be displaced within a decade by video games and HQ porn.

Here are the reasons-

1. Sports as spectator entertainment does not compare to high quality and ubiquitous video games and porn. Even as recently as 8 years ago, video games and porn were not high-quality or ubiquitous.

My use of WinCE handhelds full of porn and reasonably good quality games in the early 2000s was not the norm. Nor was my use of smartphones for non-business related stuff in the same time span common. However today an entire generation of men have either grown up it or have access it to a level inconceivable to them even 5 years ago.

While the older generation might not readily abandon their old habits of watching sports, the younger generation had other options when growing up.

2. Organised sports has become very commercialized and expensive. However the growing economy (1950s-early 200s) that supported such growth is disappearing as we speak.

The cost of entry into viewing sporting events in person or on pay-per-view is now higher than a new title on the Xbox360 or PS3. Once you factor in console cost, ease of use, cost of HDTVs and new games plus multiplayer modes- they are less expensive than watching spectator sports on a seasonal basis.

Porn is now ubiquitous, free and easy to access. Any 500$ laptop, iPad or iPhone- with or without an inexpensive large monitor will suffice. Most of the developed world now has high-speed internet access, and even authoritarian regimes spend more time tracking and blocking political dissent than porn.

3. Even today- Video games and porn have a level of customization and interactivity which spectator sports cannot match. You have glimpsed the future with Wii, Kinect and its hacks. Feedback of tactile sensations will close the loop further allowing everybody to be an MVP and pornstar of their choice and customization.

Would you rather prefer interacting with virtual but hyper-realistic adversaries (machine generated or real) or cheer on some over paid guy scoring another touchdown, home run or hoop? Would you rather spend time looking at pictures, videos or interactive avatars of hot nekkid chicks or compare notes on the statistics of various MVPs?

4. People prefer online interactions over real life interactions and thereby choose their own peer groups- rather than accept the constraints of geography and fate. Since a considerable amount of human stupidity comes down to peer pressure, the ability to select your own peer groups would result in a diminution of activities aimed to maintaining traditional peer groups.

Watching sports is one peer activity which will be adversely affected when people can form and maintain connections with like-mined but geographically distant people, and therefore ignore people who are not like-minded but geographically nearby. Did I mention that most real-life friendships are useless.