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Ever Considered? : April 16, 2011

April 16, 2011 7 comments

Many of you have seen the movie version of ‘The Watchmen‘. In that movie, one of the main characters is a trans-human entity known as Dr. Manhattan.

In my opinion, the comic book (and movie) depiction of what an entity with trans-human abilities would do is inaccurate. Why would any intelligent life-form with the abilities of Dr. Manhattan interact with humans, let alone help them. While Osterman was human, Dr. Manhattan is clearly not human- and does not requite the cooperation or help of other humans to exist.

Any entity with that type of ability and a basic understanding of human nature is more likely to kill all humans or life on earth to RESET the clock. It would to far more easy to guide evolution towards a better product than change human nature.


An Observation: April 16, 2011

April 16, 2011 8 comments

One of my most profound insights into human behavior came almost a decade ago- in my mid 20s.

People are much nicer if you are a homicide-capable asshole rather than a humane and accommodating person.

While I won’t go into details of the string of incidents which led me to this conclusion- the effects were just too stark to ignore. Anger, hate and a slew of so-called ‘negative’ emotions can get you everything ‘positive’ emotions cannot. It works especially well if your ‘negative’ emotions are visible without being overt.


Why Technological Intelligence Will Supplant Humans

April 16, 2011 2 comments

Many technophobes, and people, believe that technology will supplant humans because it will be more capable or powerful than humans. I believe that there is another, more likely but, less obvious reason for such a transition.

Technology is far more dependable and less subjective than humans- therefore we might actually choose it over people.

Let me explain..

Humans associate with other humans to satisfy needs and desires. If what was once done by a unreliable, moody and marginally competent human can be done far more reliably, better and with less bullshit by a machine- would you still prefer a human?

Here are a few examples-

You want to see a hot naked girl with a particular set of looks and attributes. Is it more efficient to search for high-res photos/ movies of her OR find one like that and get her to strip? If your eyes cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is virtual- does it still matter?

Most of us eat foods that were either made by a machine in a factory or one at home. In previous eras, these products (ice-cream, bread, pasta, frozen chicken breasts, pre-cut steaks) were made by hand. But do we care?

If you want to find information on any subject- would you use the internet or talk to someone who might know? Who is likely to be more timely, objective and accurate- man or machine?

In summary: if humans could get the same product or service from a machine, we would always prefer interacting with it over other humans.