Ever Considered? : April 16, 2011

Many of you have seen the movie version of ‘The Watchmen‘. In that movie, one of the main characters is a trans-human entity known as Dr. Manhattan.

In my opinion, the comic book (and movie) depiction of what an entity with trans-human abilities would do is inaccurate. Why would any intelligent life-form with the abilities of Dr. Manhattan interact with humans, let alone help them. While Osterman was human, Dr. Manhattan is clearly not human- and does not requite the cooperation or help of other humans to exist.

Any entity with that type of ability and a basic understanding of human nature is more likely to kill all humans or life on earth to RESET the clock. It would to far more easy to guide evolution towards a better product than change human nature.


  1. blackdude
    April 16, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    i think he still had human emotions, and was slowly losing his ability to empathize with people. he didnt kill them but at the same time, he reached a point of ALMOST near ambivalence towards people. basically i think the only reason he didnt do that shit was because he still had his memories of his past, and that affected his actions in the present (but to a lesser and lesser degree each day). i dont know about the comic but in the movie he kinda did reset by leaving earth and starting over and creating life somewhere else.

  2. April 17, 2011 at 2:16 am

    • Columnist
      April 18, 2011 at 12:23 am

      Planetary euthanasia. I thought about that before, some years ago. But the blond guy proves Nietzsches point that the Golden Rule extinguishes life (as we know it).

      • April 18, 2011 at 3:32 am

        The only way to reform the system is to abolish it.

        The Big Lie is that all of the problems of human life are separate. If you compartmentalize them all, you can convince yourself that once you lose that 40 pounds, or get more money, or get your husband to stop beating you, or finally kick that addiction, you’ll be a normal happy person like everyone else. And once you get the right politician elected, or win the war, or convert the infidels to your religion, the world will be a happy place.

        The problems of life are all symptoms of the same cause. The locks on your doors which you need to keep out burglars, the schoolyard bully, the serial killer, the drug addict, the drug dealer, the billionaire who thinks he’s being exploited by the poor, the millions of soldiers fighting for peace, the enslavement or slaughter of entire races of people, and your own unhappiness, all are interconnected. They are all part of one problem: life itself.

        The great violinist Jascha Heifetz was great not least because he quit the concert stage at his peak, before the show became stale or the audience drifted away. To exit gracefully is sublime, as Heifetz understood. And only one species is capable of choosing a similarly graceful exit; all others march on like robots. To call time on the human race by choice, not necessity, would be the final victory of the human spirit over animal nature, an absolute emancipation from the diktat of DNA. Precisely because no other known life-form could do or even conceive such a thing, humanity must.

        Imagine the poetry, the music, of those last few human generations; imagine the moral exaltation of those last few souls, the pregnant richness of sound and light and colour and even of thought in the last months of humanity’s twilight. Who would not give everything to know the ineffable sadness and nobility of being among the last? Then, at last, the lights will go out, and the world will begin anew, and the sand will cover our name. That would be a finale worthy of a great race.

  3. MeMyselfI
    April 17, 2011 at 7:48 am

    Maybe the reset has already happened. The story of Noah was essentially a reset of the experiment with one particular set of genetic stock as the new starting point.

    What we really don’t know: what is the goal of the experiment?

    There are lot’s of possibilities. For example:

    1. We are farm animals. Notice that our population is spiking asymptotically. Time for the harvest!

    2. We are slaves… as soon as enough resources have been brought the surface and processed, we’ll be invaded and swept clean.

    3. We are producing the singularity. Google it.

    4. We are producing some kind of “special” race of beings. See the bible: “the choosen ones” and the seperation of the “sheep from the goats”. Sounds genetic to me. Probably implies getting rid of the sociopaths, and then restarting the experiment.

    5. I could go on…

    I wonder how many times it’s been run already?????

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