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Humans Could Use More Violence

April 22, 2011 12 comments

Have you ever wondered how things would be if humans were a more violent species? While conventional thinking might suggest that things would be worse, I think otherwise. Here is why..

Animals indulge in intra-species violence for reasons that are quite different from those for inter-species violence.

There is a fundamental difference between a lion hunting a gazelle, and two or more lions fighting each other. A prey-predator conflict is not the same as one between two adversaries. Humans add another layer of complexity to adversarial conflicts.

They are much more likely to kill, murder or slay adversaries for highly questionable reasons.

Don’t believe me? Ask yourself- how many crusaders became rich from the crusades? how many Mongolians benefited from being in Genghis khan’s army? How many soldiers or grunts in any armed force benefit from the ultimate outcome of a war? You might think that such questionable behavior by soldiers implies that humans are already too violent. But is that the case?

Slavery, the Jewish holocaust, Armenian genocide, the Ukrainian famine, various Indian famines, the Cambodian genocide, the Irish famine etc were ALL possible because the affected people did not resist sociopaths with lethal force when they could have done so. They let cowardice and optimism overrule their rationality.

While resisting people by killing them and their kids is risky- it is worth it, especially if not resisting does not improve the outcome.

That is why I have, a sometimes grudging, respect for people who will do that. It is hard to argue that kamikaze pilots or their modern equivalents were not effective- irrespective of the cause they were fighting for. You might remember that Bill Maher got into trouble for saying something along those lines in the early 2000s.

Extensive unfairness, sociopathy, bullshit and scams cannot be reformed by peaceful or legal means.