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Hubris Requires A Lack of Consequences

April 24, 2011 13 comments

Have you noticed that hubris, sociopathy, scams etc requires a lack of consequences. Don’t believe me?

Consider the rest of this post as a thought experiment.

Would lawyers be so willing to be what they are if there was a real chance that injured parties would torture and kill their lawyers and their kids. Would district attorneys be so enthusiastic about imprisoning innocent men if there was a real chance that they would be force fed meat stews made out of their kids and their own body parts. Would law enforcement be so cavalier if they knew that there was a real chance of a rifle bullet interrupting their breakfast forever?

Would physicians be so willing to indulge in generic carelessness if there was a chance that affected parties might burn them alive? Would government or insurance bureaucrats be so blase about human suffering caused by their actions if they knew that there was a realistic chance of being beaten to death and left to die. Would government bureaucrats be more careful if they knew that their actions might result in their lynching?

Would politicians scam and lie so much if they knew that victims of their callousness might execute them in public? Would companies fire people so easily if the management knew that there was a real chance of the affected person killing them in some fucked up manner? Would banksters speculate on the prices of food and oil if they knew that they would get a Louis XVI treatment?

I believe that a feedback loop incorporating the realistic possibility of blowback from your actions is necessary to prevent people from acting on their sociopathic desires.