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Is Rejection By Average Women Worth It?

April 27, 2011 11 comments

One of my issues with the whole idea of ‘game’ is linked to it being essentially a numbers game. Your success with women largely depends on how many new women you approach, confidently, each and every day.

It does not take a genius to figure that most approaches will end in rejection, flakiness or bullshit. So here is my real question-

Are very high levels of rejection by average women worth it?

Being deliberately ignored by a hot young piece of ass is not that bad. But rejection, flakiness or bullshit by average looking women is much harder to rationalize. It gets even worser when you realize that most average looking women are mediocre in bed. A combination of inflated costs, mediocre service and princessy attitude are the biggest disincentives to practicing game.

Do you want to build a lifestyle based on obsessing over mediocre shit, when you can rent the amazing stuff by the hour with less hassle and effort?