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Behind The Continued Poor Governance in India

April 10, 2011 10 comments

Ever wonder why there is still so much corruption, poor planning, inefficiency, malnutrition and other manifestations of poor governance in India?

It is meant to be that way.

Got it? Yes.. it is intentional. It has little to do with democracy, IQ, caste, cultural norms or any other of the myriad excuses offered for the abysmal governance seen in India.

Let me explain that concept in some detail. Throughout history, India rarely lacked the human and material resources for prosperity. Indeed, most of India had a reasonably stable and prosperous existence from at least 300 BC to 10-13th century AD. Sure, it was a period with much stagnation- but the living standard and quality of life for your average person was pretty good, especially when compared to so-called “high IQ” parts of the world like Europe, China and much of the Middle East. Read accounts of travelers from China and the Middle East during that period and you do not see much talk of poverty, dishonesty or bad governance.

So what happened?

Muslim incursions from the 11-12th century onwards, reaching their maxima in the 1500s, created a lot of strife and problems in India. However the most unfortunate legacy of muslims in India was their effect of the structure of governance.

Prior to muslim invasions of India, the ‘governor’ and ‘governed’ had similar interests and a symbiotic relationship. The relationship between muslims and non-muslims in India, unfortunately, had far more similarity to that between a parasite and its host. Moreover, many of the more sociopathic Indians collaborated with muslims in furthering this exploitation.

Therefore, the relationship between the ‘governor’ and the ‘governed’ became one between a voracious sociopathic parasite and an unwilling host. Even Hindu kings and regents from later eras, with a few exceptions, ruled in this mould. The ‘governors’ always wanted to keep the ‘governed’ as poor, insecure and miserable as possible.

The British took over from the local feudal lords during a collapse in the Indian political scene in the late 1700s. They also recruited the very same people who had played ‘governors’ in earlier eras- thereby perpetuating the abusive nature of governance. In any case, they were merely interested in extracting revenue, resources and gold from India.

Many people believe that the Indian freedom movements were led by people who wanted a modernized India. The reverse is true- as the majority of those who led India’s freedom struggle were sons and daughters of the old elite who were unhappy about the British stealing their birthright to exploit, abuse and pauperize average Indians.

So when India got its independence in 1947 (because of the “effects” of ww2 on Britain) the direction of governance was regressive- apart from some modernization meant to benefit the old elites and their underlings. The political leadership and administrative scum got what they always wanted.. their old fiefdoms.

Therefore any real change in India will require many dead politicians and death camps for ALL non-entry level bureaucrats. China partially achieved this as an unintended consequence of their cultural revolution.


Agriculture and Technology Causes Hubris

April 10, 2011 4 comments

Reading about the fall of various human civilizations and popular delusions of dying white men gives one a peculiar perspective on what humans think about themselves and their capabilities- throughout history.

The short version is-

1. Humans vastly overestimate their ability to influence the natural world.

2. Such overestimation of their abilities derives from whatever little progress they have made in agriculture and technology.

3. It ends, and is bound to end, in tragedy- for humans.

The longer version is-

Smaller and less complex systems are at the mercy of larger and more complex systems, not vice versa. On that scale the entire endeavor of human civilization and technology, including ‘white’ self-delusions, are puny and pathetic when compare to what exists on earth- never mind what is beyond it.

Remember that viruses and parasites need their host, not vice versa.

In my opinion, puny human achievements in agriculture, animal husbandry and technology have given many morons, especially ‘white’ ones, the delusion that we can control our environment. However the human sense of scale is limited by the size of our bodies, brains and lifespans.

Belief in the human ability to control their destiny through their abilities is more pathetic that a few dung eating insects near the asshole of an elephant claiming to control the entire savanna landscape, through their conscious actions.

Do you really think that human civilization could survive or avoid a comet-type impact event, return to ice-age conditions or even a moderate but prolonged change in solar activity? All of the three previous events have occurred in the past with some frequency. Heck, even a few massive volcanic eruptions could shut down human civilization for good.

It is doubtful if humans, in their current form, could even survive themselves.

The ability to grow and harvest corn with machines and chemicals, fish in large mechanized trawlers, raise and slaughter farm animals, build factories and large buildings, purify water etc give humans the false impression that they control reality. As I have previously said, all of this appears impressive because of the scale of our bodies, kinds and lifespans.

We ignore the hidden, but much larger, variables which allow our pathetic tinkering to work.

It is those much larger and largely hidden variables which can make or break things. But humans are too stupid to appreciate that.


Prophetic Music Videos: Mo Money Mo Problems

April 9, 2011 1 comment

Let me take you back to 1997- an era when you had to convince some girls to go bald (down there), reality TV was not on the horizon, shows like X-Files and Friends ruled the airwaves and I had still not considered using escorts. In that year, Tiger Woods won his first PGA championship prompting an infamous remark about fried chicken and collard greens from Fuzzy Zoeller.

P Diddy, then known as Puff Daddy, referenced that incident in a famous music video “Mo Money Mo Problems“. It is ironic that the main theme of the song- “more money, more problems” came true for Tiger Woods.

Enjoy! Comments?

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Discuss: Why Are Marginal Women So Uppity?

April 8, 2011 28 comments

One of the main reasons behind my decision to go for the porn-escort-fling route was:

Even marginal women were uppity towards me.

I can understand if a high 7, or above, woman does not want to seen with me. I can understand if an average-looking woman in a “relationship” does not want to screw around.

But I am offended when a single 30-something woman, single mother or mediocre girl is uppity. My earlier posts do talk about this somewhat bizarre phenomena. Note that many of these woman have no issues with previously unacceptable white men.

My foray into the world of paying for sex, first on an unofficial basis with marginal needy young girls, and then with well compensated professionals was partially driven by such experiences. What is whole point of trying to chase women when a compensated needy young girl is hotter, more compliant and better in bed? Why chase after a flaky 6 when you can get a professional 8 to take it up the ass, with a much better attitude?


Gay and Ardagh: What Can I Say?

April 8, 2011 1 comment

Some of you might have read a recent post at inmalafideWhiskey Tango Foxtrot? which linked to a rather peculiar “mens” movement that worships “feminine energy”.

Here is another YouTube clip with two of its main characters. Let the fun begin.. I prefer to receive feminine energy in other ways- NSFW-1 and NSFW-2.


NSFW Links: Apr 8, 2011

April 8, 2011 3 comments

These links are NSFW.

Tossing The Salad: Apr 8, 2011 NekkidCuties (yes.. it is what you think it is)

Tumblr: Current pictures for April 2011


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Why Real-Life “Friends” Are Useless

April 7, 2011 31 comments

I once used to have, and strove to develop more, real-life friendships. But I gave up that pursuit years ago, and here is why..

In our contemporary world, real-life friendships are both hard to develop and more importantly- useless. It was not always like that, nor is it the case in many other cultures. So what is different about the current situation in affluent countries?

It comes down to many changes- both technological and social. Let us list them..

1. As I have said before, technological options such as cellphones, email, IMing, FaceBook, Twitter etc make connecting with people who are not in your physical vicinity easy. Therefore your real-life friends are often in competition with those who are accessible through technology.

The geographical mobility characteristic of our era also has no historical precedent. Therefore past real-life acquaintances who are online can now compete with those you can meet in real-life.

2. In most cultures, people who you befriended in real-life were mutually useful and somewhat trustworthy. However current cultural trends encourage, sanction and glorify a form of autistic sociopathy.

Throughout human history, people who screwed over their friends faced a very serious risk of social ostracism and other adverse consequences. Today, there are no negative consequences for such behavior and you might frequently be able to make a tidy profit by screwing over those who trust you. Just as woman friendly laws and jobs for women made divorce commonplace, an anonymous legalistic society has changed the cost-benefit analysis of screwing over people who trust you.

In my opinion, a society based on legalism rather than a viable social contract is inherently unstable. Such societies can appear to be rigid and orderly, but often collapse or implode in the face of unexpected stress.

3. One of more disturbing, and ultimately more destabilizing developments, in the face of such changes has been the tendency to blur the line between casual acquaintances and friends. Most real-life socialization is now ‘pretend friendly behavior’ with people we barely know, hate, are potential-adversaries of or just could not care about.

The downstream consequences of such disingenuous socialization is a situation where we are less likely to trust acquaintances than random non-threatening strangers. I cannot help but point out that this state of affairs is unprecedented in human history.

So what are the long-term consequences of such a system?

Other than obvious issues with loss of social cohesion under stress, it will make life miserable and uncertain for everyone involved. Beyond that, it is anyone’s guess..


NSFW Links: Apr 6, 2011

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These links are NSFW.

Gingers: Apr 5, 2011 NekkidCuties

Gingers: Apr 5, 2011 Nudie Cuties

Assorted Slits: Apr 6, 2011 NekkidCuties

Assorted Slits: Apr 6, 2011 Nudie Cuties


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An Example of Female Aging: Claire Danes

April 6, 2011 8 comments

You might have seen a recent post at roissy about female aging. Many commentators talked about how a hard life can worsen female aging, and that wealthy western white women have many more years of looking hot when compared to an afghan tribal women.

Here is what I think.. Notice that both of her pictures are casual types, rather than heavily posed and airbrushed versions.


Discuss: Probability of Finding A Wife Who Is Not Dysfunctional, Treacherous, Ugly or Selfish

April 6, 2011 15 comments

I will keep this one short. Here is my question-

What is the probability that you will find a woman who is not insufferably dysfunctional, supremely treacherous, seriously ugly (below 4/10) and utterly selfish? It would also help if said woman was interested in you.

I have a skittle-shitting unicorn for every commentator who believes that any decent guy can find someone who is even average wife material, if they just tried hard enough.


Men in Marriages and LTRs Cannot Possibly Have Any Self-Respect

April 5, 2011 28 comments

Over the years, I have come to one unpleasant conclusion-

The majority of married men, and in LTRs, cannot possibly have any measurable degree of self-respect.

While some married men in previous eras might have been treated, by their wife, with a degree of respect and authority, the majority of those who still walk this earth are pudgy mindless servants to the whims of their wife or LTR. It is obvious that women have no respect for men.

Whether it is overhead conversations at Starbucks, bars or direct observation of the body language and behavior of couples- it is obvious that the women see the men as replaceable, neutered dogs with a wallet. Women in groups incessantly talk about how much stuff and shit they have, but rarely mention the guy they are married to (or in a LTR with) except when recounting how she manipulated or put him in his place. The amount of contempt that women have for their husbands and LT boyfriends is amazing, and has to be heard (or observed) to be believed.

I am at a loss to explain why ANY human being would willingly accept so much shit, scorn and ill-treatment.

Surely, it cannot be for sex- as most of these women are past their prime and sex in marriage/LTRs is usually of a low-frequency/ poor quality. In many cases, masturbation to web porn would be a superior option to unenthusiastic sex with these ugly and caustic cunts.

Could it be for kids? Maybe it is for social face? I don’t know.. However it is painfully obvious to me that even a guy living a monastic existence and jerking to internet porn has a better life than the pathetic specimens who choose to remain in “relationships” with such ugly and caustic cunts. Yes, I said it..

Even a basement dweller who collects sci-fi memorabilia, eats junk food, jerks off to net porn and frequents bulletin boards is a less pathetic human than your average husband or boyfriend. Your so-called ‘loser’ has more self-respect than the average man in a LTR with a woman, nor does he have to take all the shit which men in his position are expected to endure.

My epiphany came when I started reading about the lifestyle of shut-ins and freeters in Japan years ago. Initially, I saw them as losers but quickly realized that they were taking the most rational course of action, given their circumstances and choice matrix.

Why care about a system which makes so many demands on you, while simultaneously treating you as an expendable widget?

While my choice of lifestyle revolves around porn, skilled escorts and flings- I can see why some men might simply choose to disconnect from society. Almost anything beats the pathetic servitude of modern marriages or LTRs.


Why I Like Globalization, Outsourcing And Other Corporatist Scams

April 5, 2011 14 comments

One of my views routinely shocks people-

I like globalization, outsourcing and other corporatist scams.

Here is why..

In a previous era, say.. upto the early 1990s, blue- and white-collar whites alike looked down upon non-whites. They regarded AND treated them as inferior human beings who were lucky to live amongst “gods” like them who had abilities that these ‘subhumans’ could never attain.

Starting in the late 1970s, neo-conservatist ideologies slowly started destroying the white middle class. First it was blue-collar types who got hit, then white-collar types too it up the pooper and now STEM types are getting fucked over. However I cannot feel sympathy for any of them.

Sympathy requires the willingness to perceive the other person as an equal life-form or human being. It is reciprocal in that you have to treat someone as an equal human being to even harbor any expectation of reciprocation.

However the general attitude of most whites towards non-whites has been full of arrogance, pride, hubris and riddled with demeaning treatment and multiple levels of exclusion.

It is therefore no surprise that someone like me finds the elite-driven toxic corrosion of western countries to be entertaining and deserved. Why should I care about a group that does not want to treat me like an equal? I did not stand to gain in the old order, so there is no reason for me to care about its destruction.

Globalization has destroyed the myth that only whites could make, assemble and sell computers, cars, fine chemicals and high tech-equipment. Outsourcing has shown that it is possible for some non-white guy to do your job for less. The ability of “elites” to perpetrate toxic scams and lies demonstrates that you are not as smart or educated as you once imagined, and told everyone else.


NSFW Links: Apr 5, 2011

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These links are NSFW.

More Self-Shots: 2 Apr, 2011 NekkidCuties

More Self-Shots: 2 Apr, 2011 Nudie Cuties

iPhone Self-Shots: 1 Apr, 2011 NekkidCuties

iPhone Self-Shots: 1 Apr, 2011 Nudie Cuties


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Why East-Asian Women Are Repulsive

April 4, 2011 65 comments

Some of you have commented about my known dislike for East-Asian women. Here is the ‘why’ behind that opinion.

It is not that I find east-asian women unattractive. Their mind, mentality and behavior is however supremely repulsive.

East-Asian women are the most greedy, vain, controlling, untrustworthy, superficial and generally sociopathic group of women I have ever seen. They make N. American-born white women look good by comparison.

Nerdy white guys end up with an Asian women because-

He represents an external status upgrade and easily manipulatable schlep for her. She represents the closest thing to a non-ugly cunt he can put his dick in, and show off to other men.

They are not deserving of any positive attention.


NSFW Links: Apr 3, 2011

April 3, 2011 3 comments

These links are NSFW.

Here are two links to help you understand the range of women that turn me on. Click on thumbnails for larger sized picture.

Tumblr: More White Meat

Tumblr: More Dark Meat

As you can see- I have a variety of tastes.


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