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What I Think About Anti-Natalism

May 2, 2011 7 comments

You might have seen comments by a frequent visitor to this blog supporting anti-natalism. This is what I think about that whole topic..

Most anti-natalists give two arguments their position.

1. We can “save” the earth, resources etc from “overpopulation”- usually of the non-white type.

In my opinion, this is a disingenuous argument not backed by reality. The quality of life and amount of wealth in human civilization has increased with population numbers.

2. The second argument is that life is more trouble than it is worth.

This one is somewhat more reasonable, as there is no intrinsic value in being alive other than what you ascribe to it. In any case, all biological life ultimately dies.

There is however a third argument which most anti-natalists do not consider. Imagine that you were an intelligent non-biological entity who was ageless, formless and omnipresent (almost like the human concept of god).

Would you care about biological life? Would you not find their pathetic and brutal existence cringeworthy?

Biological life forms have limitations (based in physics) which prevent them from reaching any worthwhile level of existence. They therefore spend the vast majority of their existence playing zero sum games that ensure their stagnation. To put it another way-

The problem with life, as we know it, is that it is based in biology.

Why not exist as an information-based life form on a series of linked interstellar machines- for starters. Maybe we should move in that direction..


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LOL: May 2, 2011

Have a look at this un-PC animated version of yesterday’s events.


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