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Why East Asians Are Disliked As Bosses, Colleagues and Businessmen

May 3, 2011 35 comments

Have you noticed that east-asians are universally disliked as bosses, colleagues and businessmen? Ever wondered why?

The short answer is-

They are too greedy for their own good.

The long answer is a bit more complicated. So let me explain my theory about the reasons behind, and consequences of, this phenomena.

I believe that the uniquely dislikable profile of east-asians comes from a combination of characteristics, rather than one single behavior. They are feminine (greedy and short-sighted), aspergy (poor ability to empathize or innovate) and too inward looking as a group.

Each dysfunction feeds into another. Their greed and short-sightedness in combination with inward looking behavior make them dislikable and identifiable to an extent other groups have avoided. Compare them to Jews- for every stereotypical Jew you can always find another who is anything but that. For every covetous bankster type, you can find a scientist, doctor, artist, entrepreneur or free-thinking intellectual. In contrast, it is hard to find an atypical east-asian. Greed, short-sightedness and inward looking behavior in a group is far more obvious when there are few or non-existent counter examples.

A combination of greed, short-sightedness and aspergy behavior also creates other problems. How many of you want to interact with a greedy nerd who is trying to scam you- all the time. Sure greedy nerds can be very hard working- but do you want to work for them? with them? or do business with them?

East-asians are also strong believers/practitioners of a zero-sum world view and their aspergy behavior makes them unsympathetic to an extent that no other people. “chosen” or otherwise, have yet attained. It is also unfortunate that the second generation of asians in other countries are far more like their parents than other groups.

Aspergy and inward looking behavior also combine to produce the dysfunction of uninnovativeness. People who walk the same mental paths every day are not good at finding newer paths, even if they are experts at commuting down their traditional paths.

In summary, East-Asians will not be seen as anything other than greedy, uninnovative, deceptive, unfriendly and undesirable people tolerated merely for their ability as white-collar slaves.. UNLESS they stop being East-Asian. They certainly do not lack the intrinsic abilities to be everything they are currently not. Their real enemies are their own choice patterns, culture and egos.

The above also applies to Indians, though to a lesser extent- especially in the 2nd and 3rd generation.