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Biological Versus Non-Biological Information

May 4, 2011 6 comments

We often forget one of the biggest differences between biological and non-biological information, namely-

Biological information is always associated with the sequences/states of nucleic acids and proteins which encode it, and is therefore hard to transfer or use across systems. In contrast, non-biological information can be easily transferred and used on various systems.

For example, the genetic information for a very simple organism such as a bacterium is linked to the sequence of its DNA (coding and non-coding regions) and associated proteins/RNA. There is no realistic way to transfer and USE information from a bacteria in any system that is not based on DNA, RNA and proteins.

In contrast, a mathematical algorithm or piece of information can simultaneously exist as a written, printed or electronic version which can be read and USED by a biological or non-biological entity. The Quadratic equation can exist on paper (written or printed) or can be implemented in a number of computer systems from old valve based computers to your latest computer, either as machine code or as a script.

Trans-human intelligence residing in a multitude of non-biological systems will therefore be fundamentally different, both in abilities and worldview to what passes as human intelligence.

For one, it won’t be subject to constraints of biology, individuals or society and its much larger knowledge base will give it a perspective that we can barely imagine. It might not have a fixed form, shape or substrate (biology based) and have the ability to exist in multiple connected/ unconnected forms at once. I have a feeling that such intelligence may not have the time or inclination to interact with humans or other similar biological life forms.


NSFW Links: May 4, 2011

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