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LOL: May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011 3 comments

Caught in the act.

A clip from 1970’s educational filmstrip – Mom walks in on son who is masturbating in bed. She deals with it in a progressive but also VERY embarrassing way.


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The Real Problem with Google Chrome Laptops: Value for Money

May 11, 2011 5 comments

As some of you might have heard today, Google is pushing its own OS on a series of Chrome branded laptops (Samsung, Acer)- see below.

In my opinion, these glorified netbooks are poor value for your money.

A very decent laptop preloaded with Win7 and compatible with ALL of your existing applications costs about 400-500 $. A couple hundred bucks more gets you fairly high-performance laptops with decent graphic cards.

Compare that to Google’s chrome notebooks which are essentially larger netbooks (11-12 ” screens) preloaded with a new OS for about the same price (350-430 $). Win7 laptops can already do what these glorified netbooks can, but are not crippled like them in other respects (graphics, games and pre-existing application compatibility).

Even the cheapest, WiFi-only, iPad 2 is 499$- and it has tons more apps plus a far more optimized user experience.

It is obvious that this project was conceived and managed by MBAs, charlatans, morons, brown-nosers or autistic engineers. What do you think?