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Money has no Value Unless it is Spent

May 16, 2011 13 comments

Here is a thought experiment-

Imagine you had a million USD in paper bills, gold or on electronic cards. Would it be of any value to you, or others, if you did not (or could not) spend it?

The vast majority of people functionally ignore that money has value only IF it is spent. While saving some money helps smoothen out bumps in your income flow- hoarding money beyond a certain extent is useless.

A billionaire or any corporation with tens of billions on their balance sheets are functional dead ends for money, as most of that money is unlikely to ever be exchanged for any product or service. For all practical purposes, that money is dead and gone from the real economy to exist as a number on some accountants spreadsheet. Since money cannot buy you immortality or even agelessness, hoarding money is a truly fucked up mis-allocation of a commodity. Yes, money is a commodity- just like oil, coal, iron, copper and wheat.

Most people would frown upon a moron trying to buy crude oil on a massive scale- only to dump it in a reservoir where nobody could ever use it. So why do we celebrate morons who do the same with money?


People Do Not Care About Stuff Which Does Not Benefit Them

May 16, 2011 5 comments

Many white morons in the CONservative blogosphere (who I shall not link to) have a very stupid belief about the future.

These idiots actually believe that non-whites will miss the ‘good old days’ once whites become an old, powerless and worthless minority.

The reality is that nobody will care about them or miss their presence.

Here is why-

People universally care about and cherish things which benefit them and are perceived to be fair. Most people in the western roman empire did not miss its demise, just like the oppressed subjects of every empire that has ever existed in human history. If the current system is perceived to be discriminatory, unfair, unjust or exploitative by the new majority- it won’t be missed.

Do you think that the current system isn’t discriminatory, unfair, unjust or exploitative to non-whites?

Wanna bet that they will still give a shit? Seriously?