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On the Satoshi Kanazawa Debacle

May 22, 2011 6 comments

I was going to write about the Satoshi Kanazawa debacle a few days ago, but thought it would be fun to watch both left-wing feminist morons and right-wing losers blowing their collective wads on a non-issue. This manufactured controversy stems from a now-removed article in Psychology Today in which Kanazawa stated that black women were less attractive than women of other races because of their masculine features- caused by higher levels of testosterone.

As some of you may know- I have had many enjoyable experiences with escorts who are black (west- and east-african descent) in addition to women from other races (white, mediterranean, asian etc) and mixtures (hispanics etc). Here is my perspective on the non-issue.

The reason that black women are usually considered to be less attractive than women of other races comes down to three factors.

1. African-american women are more likely to be obese than women of any other racial group in North America.

Ever wondered why Caribbean black women are often considered to be far more attractive than African-american women, though they have the same ancestry and racial admixtures? The vast majority of Caribbean black women (especially pre-menopausal) have body types ranging from thin to solidly built/curvy. In contrast a majority of African-American women are obese (by any criteria) and are therefore less attractive.

Note that women of east-african descent are traditionally thin and slender and are often considered to be even more attractive than those of west-african descent.

2. African-american women have “behavioral quirks” which make them less desirable to men.

Once again, women of Caribbean descent have much less attitude or other behavioral dysfunctions when compare to African-american women. The behavioral quirks of African-american women are social rather than racial, and are an unfortunate legacy of the historical circumstances of that community in N. america. Many male African-american comedians (e.g Chris Rock) have built their stand up comedy acts around these behavioral quirks.

3. Plain Old Racism

Non-WASPy women have been traditionally seen as less attractive than WASPy women- for reasons that have nothing to do with reality. Even east-european white women who are often much more attractive, pretty, sexy and beautiful than any WASP could ever be, were seen as second tier until recently.

The good news is that globalization and the relative decline of the USA has made being WASPy far less advantageous than even a couple of decades ago. I anticipate that it will become a liability for those scumbags in our lifetimes.

So there you have it.. It is possible to explain what Kanazawa wrote about without invoking a deterministic view about race and evolution. Indeed, an explanation which considers social and historical factors explains certain peculiarities such as the Caribbean/African-american split far better than one based in biology.


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