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GLaDOS is an Average Woman

May 23, 2011 1 comment

GLaDOS is a fictional artificially intelligent computer system in Valve Software’s Half-Life video game series in ‘Portal’ and ‘Portal 2’.

To make a long story short- she is a psychotic, passive-aggressive version of HAL with a disturbing similarity to your average woman.

See the following clip and decide for yourself…


How Credentialism Will Destroy The Economy

May 23, 2011 15 comments

Today most jobs which pay a middle-class wage, and possess decent stability, require a degree and specific experience of some sort. However for most of human history, and indeed until 20-30 years ago, a guy with a minimal education could earn enough to get by and have a family. While I am not suggesting that we turn back the clock, let us consider one peculiar dilemma of living in this age.

Let us say you invest a few years, and tens of thousands of dollars, in gaining one particular skill-set or qualification. What happens if the jobs that require that skill-set or qualification are no longer a viable career choice? Consider that technology, and outsourcing, will soon replace most teachers, professors, librarians, software engineers etc. Other jobs might suffer because the technology or product it provided is now obsolete or has a very low margin of profit. Even so-called necessary jobs like physicians won’t be able to provide the income steam most people expect.

How often can people retrain for jobs/careers which are fairly easy to learn if they were trained on the job- something companies/organisations are now loath to do.

Under the current paradigm you cannot get a new decent job unless you have the right qualifications/experience, but getting that requires a lot of investment (time and money) and comes with no guarantees. After a certain number of years and bad experiences, very few people will want to play this old-fashioned rigged game. However that will also translate into fewer people with a decent and stable income stream.

People without a decent and stable income stream behave very differently from those who have one. The current economic paradigm and its predictions are based on the idea that most people will be middle-class or better with a stable income steam. While the fake economy can ignore the problem for a few years, the real economy will continue to deteriorate to the point where the social contract is discredited beyond repair- ubiquitous communication only accelerates the process of general disenchantment with the system.

However the scumbags who support and perpetuate credentialism, “meritocracy” and the “free market” will keep on trumpeting their ideology even after everybody else can see their fraud. Since these scumbags are also the priests and nobility of the current system, nothing short of their premature death will be enough to change the system.

I have a feeling that we will get there- one way or the other.