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Why Chasing Women Sucks

May 28, 2011 9 comments

I could write many books about this one, but it all comes down to-

Mismatch between results and efforts

How often have you spent time, effort and money to be with or around a woman you are interested in? What happens most of the time? Do things work out? What do you get?

Would you utilize any service, or buy any product, with such failure rates?

Game does not change this situation as it basically a numbers game. You are simply going through a larger number of women, and rejections, to find the few who will have sex with you. Unless you are famous, infamous or very attractive- the probability of getting pussy is low.

Who says that chasing women is the only way to get willing pussy? Ever wonder why humans abandoned a hunter-gatherer lifestyle for farming and animal husbandry? Why not dissociate the act of chasing women (the prelude) from having enjoyable sex with attractive women (consummation). Face it- men value consummation far more than the preceding ritual.


Most People Will Believe Bullshit Without Thinking Twice: 1

May 28, 2011 10 comments

Have you ever wondered how anyone with half a brain can believe in doomsday predictions, multi-level marketing, answer a nigerian spam e-mail, join a religious cult or believe in faith healing?

While these are some examples of stupidity that is looked down upon by society, most people are no better once you start asking them about their cherished beliefs.

How many people believe in some sort of religion- traditional or secular? What is the difference between believing in santa claus, the easter bunny and your god/s of choice? Is any one of them more real than the others? What is the difference between a sociopathic and charismatic cult leader and the CEO of your company? What is the difference between your employer and a cult? Is a famous economist any better, or different, than the anointed oracle of a traditional religion?

Why are the pronouncements of an elite group of doctors on the cause of heart disease or cancer any more believable (without considerable evidence) than those of a group of witchdoctors or sorcerers? Where is the evidence that their plans of action has worthwhile impact? How are the predictions of a bunch of environmental scientists running computer simulations any different from people who scrounge religious scriptures to find numerological evidence of an impending apocalypse? Can either explain past climate changes or general events with any degree of consistency or logic?

How many men want to get married without thinking about the pros and cons of marrying- even if things worked perfectly? How many buy houses, cars and other things based on status projection than use? How many work at crappy jobs just to buy useless shit- because everybody else is doing it? How many tolerate crappy behavior from family members- but treat other useful people poorly?

I have a theory about why people buy into and go along with absolutely ridiculous bullshit and self-destructive behavior- but that will be in the next part of this series.

Here is a clue about my theory- ego aka vanity and conceit.


Law, Order, Duct Tape and Empires

May 28, 2011 6 comments

Human stupidity, ego and inflexibility (rather than cosmic cyclicity) are behind the fall of large empires and civilizations. There are many proximate manifestations of dysfunction such as-

Legalism, Stagnation, the ‘ponzi’ like nature of civilizations, inability to change, mindless brutality, downstream effects of effects of complexity– culminating in general disenchantment and loss of social cohesiveness.

Today, I will talk about another issue- the role of law and order systems in propping up a failed system.

When empires start to decline, their elites always try to maintain status quo through more internal repression and law/order bullshit. However such pathetic and short-sighted attempts to keep their gravy train running for a little longer ultimately ensures that the final fall is fatal and irreversible.

Law and order are often used to temporarily cover up cracks in the system instead of real changes and evolution. Duct-taping a broken system is always a temporary solution to problems. The catch-22 is that any real change will put those who benefit from the current status quo out of business. Therefore duct-tape is used at an increasing frequency and in ever larger amounts till the system is held together by nothing but duct tape.

Systems held together by duct tape may feel and behave OK until they are stressed by an external or internal stress beyond their ability. At this point the system starts to come apart in a most “unexpected” manner – much to the consternation of elites. Moreover, it cannot be put back since it was never really functional since anybody can remember.

It is much easier to gradually replace real connections and parts with duct tape than create a working system from damaged and dysfunctional parts- regardless of the amount of duct tape used- IF you can still afford it. Therefore the fall of empires is functionally irreversible.