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The Rich Prefer To Steal Money, Rather Than Create New Wealth

June 1, 2011 19 comments

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Inspite of propaganda over the last 30 years- the free market, free trade and economic liberalization has not made the average person in developed countries any wealthier, or richer. The top 1% or more accurately 0.1% (by income) have however made out like bandits. While this differential effect is especially glaring in the USA, many other developed countries have also seen an increase in economic inequality- though none to the grotesque levels seen here.

Real world conditions have however not stopped CONservatives, LIEbertarians and corrupt secular priests (rent-an-experts) from decrying any attempt at dressing widespread fraud and inequality in the system. Many average morons infact worship the rich (and their attitudes) in the misguided hope that they too will someday become rich.

I have previously talked about why lowering taxes on the rich does not create more jobs. It goes back to dissecting the CONservative meme about how businesses (and thereby the rich owners) DON’T willingly create new jobs. In one of the above linked posts- I has briefly mentioned that the rich are zero-sum sociopaths who suffer greatly from seeing others have a humane existence. Let me now explain that point in some more detail.

The rich, you see, have no interest in creating jobs, wealth or anything approximating a functional or progressive society. Making lots of money is never about buying stuff, social status or even a mark of self-worth. It is about hurting, abusing, depriving and killing other people.

That is right! Do you really think that a person who is worth 100 million USD has a much better quality of life than one who makes 10 million, or even 1 million? Is that even possible- especially in our technology deflation driven age? Which parameter of their life is improved by money? Money beyond a certain point cannot increase longevity, health, quality of sex life, ability to enjoy recreational activities or any other of the various reasons most people work for? Nor can it guarantee your legacy.

Any person of average, to above average, intelligence would therefore quickly realize that making more than a certain amount of money does not improve any aspect of your lifestyle. So what drives people to make tens of millions and billions?

Some say that money is like a drug and people get desensitized to it and therefore want to make more. While this may be partially true, it begs another question. People who use drugs rarely do them in solitary settings and often share their drug stashes/ booze with others. The rich almost never do that with money. Any philanthropy or charity is usually done with the idea of minimizing actual donations in favor of vague or convoluted promises of giving money away.

It does however make sense if we however consider being rich as a proxy for wanting to hurt, abuse, deprive and kill other people. Such a model also explains other peculiarities such as lack of empathy, hoarding money beyond the point of usefulness, unwillingness to create jobs, new wealth and many other sociopathic behaviors of that group.

The rich have much more in common with serial killers, sociopaths, mass murderers and other assorted sadists than your average ambitious person. They just go about their activities in a ‘socially sanctioned manner’ and many of you are stupid enough to worship them.

Do you have a better, complete and more internally consistent explanation for what you can observe? I want to hear it.