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NSFW Links: Jun 2, 2011

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Fake Friendliness and the Ongoing Degeneration of Interpersonal Relationships

June 2, 2011 34 comments

I have often talked about the uselessness of real-life friendships. For those of you who might disagree with me, ask yourself-

Why are Instant Messaging, Smartphones, FaceBook, Twitter, Gaming etc so popular inspite of the fact that they take away time from face-to-face communication of any kind? Why do people check them even when they are alone with their SOs? Why will people use smartphone apps when they are having sex?

Why are digital facsimiles of interaction able to compete with real life interactions?

In my opinion, the ability of a facsimile to compete with the real thing indicate that the latter has serious deficiencies. When is the last time you chose vegan burgers over the real thing? Would you prefer reconstituted chicken nuggets with soy fillers over authentic and fresh fried chicken?

There are only two reasons why a facsimile would be preferred over the real thing.

1. The real thing is hard to get, unavailable or very expensive.

2. The real thing is contaminated, poisoned or tainted beyond usability.

Since we are interact with many people throughout a normal day, there is obviously no scarcity of human beings who are not overtly adversarial. Therefore we are forced to conclude that real-life interpersonal relationships are contaminated, poisoned or tainted to levels that make them useless or worse than useless. Some of you might believe that this general lack of sincerity is part of a conspiracy to control humans, or something along those lines. Others might see this as an effect of materialism, wealth or urbanization.

Here is my explanation-

It has a lot to do with fake friendliness and politeness that permeate contemporary western culture.

A signal can be ‘seen’ only if it rises above the background noise. A large ratio between the signal and noise allow us to see it clearly. Conversely a low ratio between the signal and noise hinder its detection, and often ultimately discourage the observer from searching for a real signal.

So when, and why, did fake friendliness and politeness enter the western world?

If you have observed and interacted with people from all over the world- one thing becomes obvious. The extent of cultural feminization and ritualized behavior has a very high correlation with fakeness and disingenuity. The fakest people can be found in countries such as Canada, USA, New Zealand, Scandinavian Countries and Australia. Even in these countries- the effeminate SWPL types exhibit much more of this behavior than their blue-collar counterparts.

What do you think? Comments?

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USDA Dogma: June 2, 2011

June 2, 2011 4 comments

How many of you still believe that carbohydrates (grains, fruits and vegetables) are good and animal protein/fats are bad? Need I say more?